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Sauber facing legal action in Switzerland over rebranding as ‘Stake’

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In the round-up: Switzerland’s Eidgenoessische Spielbankenkommission (Federal Casino Commission) has raised concerns over the legality of Sauber’s rebranding as Stake F1 Team.

In brief

Sauber faces legal challenge over rebranding

Swiss-based team Sauber revealed its new branding as Stake F1 Team in a launch event in London on Monday. It acknowledged restrictions on gambling advertising in some territories mean it will use a different name at some rounds of the world championship.

However gambling advertising is also banned in Switzerland and its casino commission has initiated proceedings against the team, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen reports. Advertising deemed inadmissible can be punished by a fine of up to 500,000 Swiss Francs (£456,000).

“We always comply with all applicable laws, including in Switzerland,” said team representative Alessandro Alluni Bravi. “And of course we took all measures to comply with them.”

Mercedes signs Climate Pledge

The Mercedes F1 team has signed up to The Climate Pledge, which has the goal of encouraging companies to reduce their carbon emissions to net zero by 2040. It is the first F1 team to do so.

“As a team, we are progressing on our journey to meet our target of race team controlled net zero in 2030,” said team principal and co-owner Toto Wolff. “Having assessed our full supply chain emissions last year, we are developing science based target initiative-aligned near term and net zero targets for those emissions, and our commitment to The Climate Pledge confirms our intent to achieve net zero across all scopes by 2040.”

Rossi’s McLaren IndyCar livery revealed

Alexander Rossi's McLaren IndyCar livery, 2024
Alexander Rossi’s McLaren IndyCar livery, 2024

McLaren has presented the new livery Alexander Rossi will run in the upcoming IndyCar season. It bears similarities to the design its former driver Felix Rosenqvist used at last year’s Indianapolis 500, which was a tribute to Alain Prost’s 1984 Monaco Grand Prix-winning car.

Alexander Rossi's McLaren IndyCar livery, 2024
Alexander Rossi’s McLaren IndyCar livery, 2024

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Boschung retires

Long-standing Formula 2 driver Ralph Boschung has announced his retirement after spending seven years in the series. He started 120 races in that time and scored his only victory in the sprint race in Bahrain last year, where he started from pole position in the partially-reversed grid race. Boschung had to contend with medical complications after being diagnosed with facet syndrome, which causes spinal complications.

“Thank you to everyone for the support during all my years in F2,” Boschung wrote in a post on social media. “I had a great time.”

Sebastian Wheldon moves up to USF Juniors

Sebastian Wheldon, the son of the late IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon, will compete in the USF Juniors category for Andretti Global. He earned a $100,000 scholarship to compete in a USK series by winning the 2023 Skip Barber Formula Racing Series. He and his younger brother Oliver are both members of Andretti’s young driver programme.

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Comment of the day

Regarding Williams’ tribute to team founder Sir Frank Williams on its car, Jungle has a suggestion:

While your at it James put the little Senna logo back on too!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Victor and Rebecca!

On this day in motorsport

  • 30 years ago today Williams suffered a setback in their pre-season tests when Damon Hill crashed an FW15D at the Circuit de Catalunya.

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20 comments on “Sauber facing legal action in Switzerland over rebranding as ‘Stake’”

  1. Got to love the Swiss government waiting until the day after the teams launch… Maximum embarrassment. Fingers crossed they have to change it.

    1. Why would you wish for them to change it?

    2. Probably a case of the actual broadcast of the event being in violation or having to wait for actual USE of that branding or something like that. But yeah, really making an impression there Sauber.

      1. “We always comply with all applicable laws, including in Switzerland,”
        – Well, you obviously do…
        Why do companies always make that silly statement that tries to deny what had just transpired?

        And as to the Indy McLaren livery, of course it looks great, I especially like the “Arrow” on the rear wing, which at speed might look like a blurred “Marlboro”, ha!

        1. Coventry Climax
          7th February 2024, 8:23

          Why do companies always make that silly statement that tries to deny what had just transpired?

          Because little kids try that already, and those that get away with it will never learn, apart from ‘it seems to work’.
          But it’s not just companies, it’s complete governments of global power size countries as well.

    3. Given that Sauber is a swiss based team staffed with swiss personal including swiss lawyers this could not have come as a surprise to them. There is no such thing as bad publicity and the 500.000 is well invested.

      1. Yeah I was wondering you know… plan could have been for Kick all along with this used as a tool to advertise a very hard thing to advertise.

  2. Now that’s what a McLaren car should look like! But in F1 they follow that trend where the real life sport tends to imitate computer games, instead of vice versa. Rossi’s livery looks so much better. Well, the colours don’t look toxic enough for an F1 car from the 2020’s, and the lines are too serious, too clean… This one wasn’t designed by an 8 year old.

    1. Tbh the livery they released for this year is fine. But the previous two with that mix of orange, black and light blue was disgusting!

      1. The Gulf livery they ran at Monaco a few years back it thought was very cool.

  3. Gotta say, Apple TV will never get my dollar.

    1. Why? It’s literally the only streaming service that offers quality over quantity. For all mankind, Ted Lasso, Silo, Severance, Tehran, In with the Devil and Slough Horses are all way above anything that the competitors have to offer.

      1. Because it’s Apple and every they sell is overpriced. So people should stop buying their crap. I’m not giving them any money either.

  4. Grosjean, Wheldon, the #77 car. Here’s a frightening round-up.

  5. The Climate Pledge.

    Amazing how the world is run on fairy tales and everybody plays along.

    1. COTD right here!

  6. Why can’t McLaren run this Indycar livery in F1? Looks fantastic.
    It’s got the Papaya, it’s got that 1980’s/ 1990’s Prost/Senna nostalgia. Can’t think of any box it doesn’t tick.

  7. AllTheCoolNamesWereTaken
    7th February 2024, 14:36

    Sauber facing legal action in Switzerland over rebranding as ‘Stake’

    Remember back in 2015 when it emerged that Sauber had signed deals with three different full-time drivers despite only fielding two cars? I sure am glad that the team is no longer prone to such embarrassing and easily avoidable mistakes.

  8. isthatglock21
    7th February 2024, 18:24

    Good. The restrictions on gambling is one of the few things the Americans got right imo compared to Europe. Then came the new era with likes of Stake who have the operations of an old school scam full of insane marketing & celeb influencer promo. They key market for Stake is USA as everywhere else is well established or banned. Most countries see other countries do good things & copy it, the yanks by power of lobbyists have opened themselves up to something where most consumers always lose with crippling impact on families, livelihoods & lives from gambling addictions. Even premier league is slowly restricting adverts, meanwhile F1 is about as open as a vegas whore during the gp weekend

    1. Worth a chuckle. Hadn’t heard that one

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