New Red Bull will look “exactly the same” as last year – Verstappen

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In the round-up: Max Verstappen says the the new Red Bull will look very similar to last year’s car

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In brief

New Red Bull will look “exactly the same”

Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen has suggested that his Red Bull team’s upcoming car will look “exactly the same” as last year’s dominant RB19.

Verstappen joined his Team Redline simracing team mates on a stream last night playing EAFC24. Asked about how his Red Bull’s upcoming RB20, Verstappen replied “yeah, it’s going to look exactly the same.”

When team mate Luke Chance observed that “everyone else who has already released their cars doesn’t have any paint on their cars,” Verstappen replied, “I’m telling you, it’s going to look exactly the same.”

Schumacher should be on F1 grid – Ocon

Alpine driver Esteban Ocon says Mick Schumacher “clearly” deserves to be on the F1 grid.

Schumacher has not raced in Formula 1 since the end of the 2022 season when he lost his race seat at Haas to Nico Hulkenberg. He will race Alpine’s hypercar in this year’s World Endurance Championship, but Ocon believes Schumacher should be racing against him and team mate Pierre Gasly instead.

“Yes, he does deserve a place in Formula 1, that is clear,” Ocon told media including RaceFans yesterday.

“Because he’s proved it. He’s a Formula 2 champion, Formula 2 champion. He’s had two years in the back in a midfield car. You need time to prove yourself in Formula 1, learn things and for sure he deserves a seat in Formula 1. He’s one of the most talented drivers out there.”

Collet joins Indy Nxt field

Former Formula 3 racer Caio Collet will join the Indy Nxt grid this season with the HMD Motorsports team.

Collet competed in the F3 championship for the last three seasons, taking three race wins and 11 podium finishes with a best finish of eighth in 2022. He took ninth in the championship last year.

“IndyCar is a goal of mine for the future but right now, I am 100% focused on Indy Nxt with HMD Motorsports,” Collet said. “I have a lot to learn, and I am thankful for the opportunity. I will put my best foot forward at achieving race wins, podium results, and the championship for both HMD Motorsports and myself.”

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Comment of the day

Is the new Alpine A524 a disappointment when it comes to its aesthetics? No, feels Tristan

Wow, I love it.

The lines at the back all match the Alpine ‘A’, the Castrol there has been outlined with a width that fits the outline of the BWT. I can’t read what the logo is at the light blue above the Alpine but the way the French flag is just a thin line below it is sublime.

Not a huge fan of the front view, but wow – this is such a huge step up from McLaren for me.

It could do with a touch less negative space or some colour trim to help its colours be a bit more visible from non-orthogonal angles but besides that, best livery so far.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Straightline, Sandlefish, Yogesh and Manox!

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26 comments on “New Red Bull will look “exactly the same” as last year – Verstappen”

  1. Anyone else liking this seasons start to the calender? It’s reminding me very much of around 15 years ago waking up early (west europe time) as a young fan to watch the race along with an Easter egg.

    1. To me, not really reminiscent in that way.

    2. Unfortunately not for me – the first two races being on Saturdays and I will be travelling for both. first races I will not have watched live for well over a decade.

      1. F1TV with VPN could help you in such cases.
        Just make sure you don’t listen to the radio/TV before replaying the race ;)

        1. Yes – there are ways to watch after the fact, and I know what my approach will be already. I am just annoyed that I will not be seeing them live for the first time in such a very long time.

      2. The first two races are going to be on Saturdays?? I didn’t know. Any others with this format? I didn’t like it last year when they tried it.

  2. I appreciate the Sauber logos staying still inside the factory

  3. Maybe, but becoming a full-time driver again is getting more & more difficult because neither has he achieved anything nor has vast experience in F1.

  4. with jos and marko trying to give horner the boot, can rbr survive in 2025 ?

    1. What is Jos’s beef with Horner?

  5. Ironic that there is absolutely no connection whatsoever between McLaren Construction Group and F1 – other than they built Aston Martin’s production facility :-)

    1. […] no connection whatsoever between McLaren Construction Group and F1

      I learned that on holiday in London, when I surprised my wife by stopping somewhere on Oxford street, bent over laughing embarrassingly loud. I had just spotted a sign on some scaffolding that said “Mclaren group: we apologize for any inconvienice“.

      Well, it was in 2015 – GP2 engine and all – so it did seem rather appropriate

  6. Funny how he did says the RB 20 LOOKS the same which doesn’t mean it’s the same car.

    1. Under the bonnet it could be total different .. the floor was the target for this year and some suspension adjustments to handle the curbs beter. (strange message was posted while typing…)

    2. Who cares if it’s the same car or not? The fact is that it looks the same and that’s the only thing that matters.
      The lack of a new appearance is boring and very disappointing.

    3. Well, RB19 did look the same as 18 too. they launched the car and i thought it was just them showing some new sponsors on the old car, but it was the new car.

      I collect F1 models and didn’t even bother buying RB19 as i already had RB18.

      1. @Edvaldo
        I also collect models, although pretty much exclusively buy cars from the 1970s-1997 era when comes to F1.
        But when I wanted to get a current car last year, I bought the RB18, because it’s better looking than the RB19.
        Most people might not notice or care, but there were meaningful differences.

  7. The grid is the best place to experience F1 (as per the CNN article)?

    Why… all the cars are standing still and there’s a huge crowd making it hard to see anything. One might as well go to a automotive museum.

    Just goes to show people can be taught to like anything if you pretend it’s “exclusive” and that it makes them more special than the fans in the stand… who get to see the cars race at speed, hear the engines, and actually, you know, watch the race.

    1. Coventry Climax
      8th February 2024, 11:18

      In the article’s photographs, she poses with ‘celebrities’, and the last five of her words quoted here are “It’s just a show.’ Says it all, as far as I’m concerned.

    2. MichaelN,
      Couldn’t have said it better !
      The luxury goods industry generates billions by employing the exact principle of making items appear exclusive, reserved only for special VIP individuals. Good for them; there are numerous individuals eager for attention who won’t hesitate to spend extravagantly to satisfy their egos.

    3. The grid walk would be much better for the majority of people watching F1 (on TV) without the vapid dbags taking up space. They have no purpose on the grid keep them off the grid! It’s going to cause a security problem if they keep this up.

  8. Coventry Climax
    8th February 2024, 11:24

    I wonder how much Ocon was paid to say what he did about Mick. Mick has proved nothing, apart from being a top notch car wrecker. His first F2 season was very mediocre at best, and his second the same, for the first half, until a very dubious ‘resurrection’ suddenly ocurred. He belongs in F1 as much as peanutbutter in lemon sorbet icecream. Sure, there’s the oddball that likes it.

    1. Ocon will support any driver he feels he can easily beat.

    2. Both Ocon and Schumacher managed by Toto and work currently for Alpine.

    3. I do not see it either. Neither of them belongs in F1. It is time we get better drivers. FIA should act and create an academy that is not just for women but for all talents out there, not just the ones with parents that have sufficient cash. I can’t believe I am still watching the Ocons, Strolls, Gaslys, Magnussens, Hulkenbergs, Sargeants, Tsunodas, Guanyus of this world while there are only 20 seats available for 8 billion people.

  9. Thanks for giving us that CotD Keith, Tristan. It made me go back to the Alpine car and look beyond the sheer bareness of it. And yeah, I agree, the parts they DID add in colour are actually done really nicely to make a good design, good job Alpine, this is not a mess (even though it IS rather much black)

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