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First pictures: New Ferrari makes “smooth” debut on track at Fiorano

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Ferrari’s new SF-24 car for the upcoming Formula 1 season has run on-track for the first time following its official unveiling.

The car was unveiled on Tuesday during the team’s launch event. Carlos Sainz Jnr was the first to drive the car, taking it our for two laps of the Fiorano circuit, before handing over to team mate Charles Leclerc.

The team is conducting a limited demonstration run with the car today. It intends to complete a filming day session tomorrow, in which it will be able to complete up to 200 kilometres.

The team encountered no problems with the car during its brief run around its test circuit in Maranello.

“It was a good installation lap,” said Sainz. “Nothing happened, which is always good news.

“We have some more laps scheduled to do yet, so let’s see. But so far everything is going smoothly.”

He expects to learn more from tomorrow’s running at Fiorano and the official, three-day pre-season test at the Bahrain International Circuit next week.

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“It was around five kilometres out of the more than a thousand that we are going to complete in winter testing,” said Sainz. “But they went smoothly.

“We had no issues on the installation lap. We did five laps in total, I did two, Charles did three. So it went as smooth as an installation lap can go and we will see more later this week.”

The SF-24 will be the last Ferrari that Sainz will race for the team following the announcement that he will leave the team at the end of the season to be replaced by Lewis Hamilton.

Pictures: 2024 Ferrari on track

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12 comments on “First pictures: New Ferrari makes “smooth” debut on track at Fiorano”

  1. Thats a pointy airbox

    1. It’s quite a contrast with the slightly blunted nose.

      I won’t pretend to understand what is what, but I hope it’s a quick one! The dynamics are Ferrari are interesting enough, but will be all the better if they can genuinely and consistently go for race wins.

    2. Yes, it’ll be easy to spot even on those sunset shots when you can’t see what colour the cars are!

    3. the top of the car is a lot like the under side of an aircrafts wing.

      the ferrari looks so low to the ground and its side pods dont look terribly bulbous. redbull typically fancier larger and smoother airfoils. will be interesting to see if ferrari can really keep the air pressure under the floor really low.

  2. They might be the prettiest Ferrari I’ve seen in some time. I hope they can consistently take it to Red Bull this year. Sainz Jr WDC?

  3. Looking sharp.
    Sharp looking cars are often quick.
    Might get even sharper if Newey shows up.
    I think Hamilton made the right call.

    Also, Sainz has nothing to lose (and everything to win) by seriously going for the title this year. No team orders! What are they going to do, fire him…?

    2024 = Most interesting season in a long time even before a single race has taken place.

    1. Very deeply technical analysis, thanks. I’d put a few blades on the car to make it look even sharper.

      1. Maybe some more speed holes, too.

      2. Yes and thank you very much for the equally deep journalistic reply.

    2. There are lots of way to slow down a driver that isn’t doing what the team wants. And, yes, if he’s consistently defying the team publicly and costing Leclerc points in the event there’s an actual title fight and he’a ahead, yes they’d replace mid-season. With how contracts are written, they might sven be able to do it without even having to payout his remaining salary.

  4. José Lopes da Silva
    13th February 2024, 23:43

    Smooth operator?

  5. Is this the last Ferrari we see in red, before Sir Lewis has them painted black?

    Oh, and they had better put the engine in front so that SLH can sit further back. Mercedes did not listen to him, so Ferrari had better do so!

    Nice photographs, thank you for them.

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