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Aston Martin won’t repeat sprint race upgrade mistake

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In the round-up: Aston Martin say they will avoid bringing significant upgrades to sprint race weekend after the problems they encountered at last year’s United States Grand Prix.

In brief

Aston Martin will avoid upgrade “confusion”

Aston Martin hit trouble when they brought an upgrade package to the United States Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas last year. As it was a sprint race weekend they only had one practice session to validate the changes, but both drivers lost time due to technical problems, leading to both being eliminated in Q1.

Technical director Dan Fallows said they will avoid making the same mistake again this year. “We want to give ourselves the best chance of bringing updates to the car that perform right away,” he told their website. “That involves not just doing your homework before an update makes it to the track, but also making sure you’ve got proper comparisons on the track.

“When we updated both cars for the Canadian Grand Prix last year, we were relying on our deltas at previous races. Whereas if you go to a circuit with one car in one spec and the other in a different spec, it gives you a chance to do a good back-to-back comparison.

“We were very aggressive with our update programme last year. For example, we brought new floors to the sprint weekend in Austin, but this year we are going to be a bit more cautious about sending significant updates to sprint weekends where we can potentially cause ourselves confusion.”

More yellow, less red for third Ferrari

AF Corse Ferrari 499P, 2024
AF Corse Ferrari 499P, 2024

A striking yellow livery has been revealed for the third Ferrari 499P which will race in the World Endurance Championship this year. Robert Kubica, Robert Shwartzman and Ye Yifei will drive the AF Corse-run car.

More red, less yellow for Palou’s new sponsor

Alex Palou, Ganassi, 2024
Alex Palou, Ganassi, 2024

Reigning IndyCar champion Alex Palou has the backing of DHL, previously Romain Grosjean’s sponsor at Andretti, for the 2024 season. The long-running IndyCar livery has been reworked for this year.

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Robb says amen to livery deal

Sting Ray Robb, Foyt, 2024
Sting Ray Robb, Foyt, 2024

Foyt driver Sting Ray Robb has confirmed an unusual new sponsor for the upcoming season – a religious app dedicated to promoting prayer.

Nobels takes F1 Academy seat

ART have confirmed their third F1 Academy driver for the upcoming season. Aurelia Nobels will drive a car sponsored by Puma.

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Comment of the day

Does Lance Stroll have it in him to get on terms with Fernando Alonso at Aston Martin – or is he just not quick enough?

Lance is a talented driver but he is not talented enough for that seat or for F1 at this point given the drivers that are waiting to break into F1. And more talent is not something that he can “find” at this stage of his career.
Leroy (@G-funk)

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Lou, Nirupam, Phiwe, Saiesh, Keamo and Phiwe Maserumule!

On this day in motorsport

  • Born on this day in 1940: Peter Gethin, who went on to win the thrillingly close 1971 Italian Grand Prix, leading five cars covered by 0.61 seconds across the line

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  1. Nice simple helmet design for Danny Ric.

  2. Looking at men’s helmets is not really my thing, to be honest.

  3. Palou’s new DHL livery is great, but I wish he had stayed with the blue! The light blue is quite a classic look in IndyCar, reminiscent of the light blue cars sponsored by Players e.g. Forsythe Racing cars driven by J. Villeneuve, Greg Moore etc.

    I wish the yellow Ferrari was the main picture in this article, so we can filter it easily among all the hundreds of F1 articles on the website.

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