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Driver line-up confirmed for sole pre-season F1 test

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All 10 Formula 1 teams have confirmed their driver line-ups for the opening day of this week’s test at the Bahrain International Circuit.

They are limited to just three days of running before the first round of the world championship takes place at the same track next week.

Reigning world champion Max Verstappen will have the entire first day to himself in Red Bull’s new RB20. Lewis Hamilton will have to wait until the second day of the test to get behind the wheel of Mercedes’ W15.

However most teams will split the running between each of their drivers on both days. None have chosen to run any test drivers, meaning each race driver will have one-and-a-half days of running before the season begins.

Each team has already conducted at least a shakedown test with their new cars, at a variety of different circuits. Many have also held filming days, in which they can cover up to 200 kilometres of running. Mercedes, McLaren and Williams all ran their cars in Bahrain today.

2024 pre-season test driver line-up

TeamWednesday (am)Wednesday (pm)Thursday (am)Thursday (pm)Friday (am)Friday (pm)
Red BullMax VerstappenSergio PerezMax VerstappenSergio Perez
MercedesGeorge RussellLewis HamiltonLewis HamiltonGeorge Russell
FerrariCharles LeclercCarlos Sainz JnrCharles LeclercCarlos Sainz JnrCarlos Sainz JnrCharles Leclerc
McLarenOscar PiastriLando NorrisOscar PiastriLando NorrisLando NorrisOscar Piastri
Aston MartinFernando AlonsoLance StrollFernando AlonsoLance StrollLance StrollFernando Alonso
AlpineEsteban OconPierre GaslyPierre GaslyEsteban OconEsteban OconPierre Gasly
WilliamsAlexander AlbonLogan SargeantLogan SargeantAlexander Albon
RBYuki TsunodaDaniel RicciardoYuki TsunodaDaniel RicciardoDaniel RicciardoYuki Tsunoda
SauberValtteri BottasZhou GuanyuZhou GuanyuValtteri BottasValtteri BottasZhou Guanyu
HaasKevin MagnussenNico HulkenbergNico HulkenbergKevin MagnussenKevin MagnussenNico Hulkenberg

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