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Norris has “no regrets” new McLaren deal rules him out of 2025 Mercedes seat

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Lando Norris isn’t concerned he may have missed an opportunity to join Mercedes by extending his contract to drive for McLaren earlier this year.

McLaren announced in January that Norris had signed a new contract keeping him at the team beyond 2025. Six days later Mercedes made the surprise announcement Lewis Hamilton will leave them at the end of this year, opening up a coveted seat at the team.

However Norris insisted he is happy to remain at McLaren, where he made his F1 debut in 2019.

“I’m very happy,” he said. “I could have waited, I had the choice. I knew opportunities were potentially coming my way.

“I knew what opportunities I had at the time last year and coming into this year and what could have happened or what is happening over the next couple of years anyway. So no regrets from any side.

“I’m confident in my team, I’m confident in what we’ve been able to achieve and what we can achieve going into the future and I’m very happy with where I am.”

He goes into his sixth season of F1 this year still seeking his first grand prix victory, having reached the podium 13 times.

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“Of course, I could be happier if we’re achieving more of the goals that I think we all want to achieve,” he continued. “But the main point is I’m enjoying my time with the guys that I’m with and for me that’s always a big part of my life. I want to enjoy where I am, and I am.

“I think that’s an important part of trying to improve as a team at the same time, knowing everyone and pushing everyone, and I think everyone’s capable of getting to the goal of being the top team in Formula 1. So I’m very happy.”

However Norris doesn’t believe McLaren have caught up to the two teams that were quickest at the end of last year.

“We had a decent car at the end of last season and I think we’ve definitely taken some steps in the right direction,” he said. “But I think still a very long way behind Red Bull and a long way behind Ferrari.

“So there’s plenty of work for us to still try and achieve. But also plenty of things that we’ve learned over the last few days for us to implement before next week.”

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15 comments on “Norris has “no regrets” new McLaren deal rules him out of 2025 Mercedes seat”

  1. Makes sense. And honestly, would he have been comfortable with constant questions asking whether he was in the running to go to Mercedes all year?

  2. As things are, a move to mercedes could be considered sideways, though mercedes recently proved they can fight for titles (2021), mclaren didn’t do that for 9 more years than merc.

  3. I agree with him.

    Over the last few seasons, McLaren have been consistently improving.
    (fair enough, a lot of that is thanks to Oscar)

    Mercedes on the other hand have obviously “Dropped the ball” – “Lost direction” – “Hit a bad patch” or whatever.

    I really do want to see him get a win soon though, it is long overdue in my opinion.

    1. How is any of that thanks to Oscar? Team improvement is minimally down to the drivers let alone a rookie who just got there.

      1. I think what he meant was Oscar actually adding constructors points to the McLaren tally, which helped a lot more than Dan did.

  4. As we’ve seen time and time again, contract length doesn’t mean all that much. If Mercedes really want Lando and Lando really wants to go to Mercedes, Mercedes will pay McLaren to get him out of his contract.

  5. Sitting here today, we have little information on whether Mercedes or McLaren is the better bet.

    Two weeks from now we’ll have more of an idea… maybe not on how teams will perform next year, but certainly on who’s feeling better about their choices!

  6. Mercedes was the seat to be 5 years ago but not anymore.

    From Mclaren, at least considering the majority of last season, the only place to go from there is Red Bull.

    1. Will be again, after this season, and for a long time

  7. Well, I think it was a mistake. Why commit so long, and so early, to a team that in the past few seasons only snatched a couple of podiums, and only in one three-quarter season ran near the front with any consistency?

    The door to Red Bull always seemed to be open, and no doubt Mercedes and Ferrari would show interest too if they needed to fill a seat and he was available. Sure, contracts can be broken, but having to pay off Zak Brown for millions makes such an option less attractive.

    Of course, he may prove me wrong in years to come (maybe next week already), but my gut feeling is that McLaren’s form of last season was a high, and that they will slip back to the top of the midfield for this season and beyond, leaving Norris to chase the occasional podium rather than fighting for championships alongside Verstappen, Russell, or Leclerc. Because I do believe he belongs in that category of driver.

    1. Yes, in terms of making it harder for red bull to snatch him, should they want a better driver than perez, it wasn’t very wise to sign long term with mclaren; for the rest, for what I’ve seen last year, I don’t think any other team has significantly better prospects.

    2. It’s very rare in any sport these days, but I appreciate sports people who stick with a team through good times and bad. In my opinion it makes them an actual proper team player, rather than someone who is only interested in doing best for themselves.
      Kudos to Lando for continuing the journey with McLaren.

  8. Lando has more than 100 race starts in F1 and yet zero wins. I think everyone can agree that Norris is a superb driver. I hope he hasn’t doomed his own career by investing his best years being loyal to a mid-field team!

  9. Lando don’t deserve a Mercedes seat IMO anyway, he has shown nothing impressive really and his childish attitude doesn’t fit well with Mercedes. Ocon, as a Mercedes associate deserves that seat more

    1. Ocon certainly is a good fit with Mercedes, attitude and personality wise.

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