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Guenther wins in Tokyo after Rowland gives up the lead

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Maximilian Guenther won Formula E’s first race in Japan, denying Nissan a home victory after Oliver Rowland led much of the way from pole position.

Rowland surrendered the lead to Guenther on the 25th lap of 35 when the Maserati driver was yet to claim Attack Mode for the final time. However Nissan’s calculated gamble for Rowland to save energy behind Guenther backfired as the Maserati edged clear over the next three laps and held his lead when he ducked off-line at turn four to take his final Attack Mode activation.

Guenther withstood fierce pressure from Rowland as the chequered flag neared, the Maserati driver backing off to conserve energy after two laps were added to the race distance due to a mid-race Safety Car period. The pair crossed the line separated by just seven tenths of a second.

Jake Dennis rose from fifth on the grid to claim third, pouncing on Antonio Felix da Costa when the Porsche driver made an unsuccessful attempt to take second from Rowland at turn 15. After the race Da Costa urged the stewards to investigate the incident, though replays indicated Dennis left him room at the exit of the corner.

The reigning champion owed a debt of gratitude to his Andretti team mate. Norman Nato backed up the field after the Safety Car’s appearance to let Dennis claim Attack Mode on consecutive laps without losing any positions.

Da Costa finished fourth ahead of Wehrlein, the Porsche team mates having spent the race in close company. Wehrlein benefited from his team mate’s assistance backing up the field for him approaching the Attack Mode zone, but repaid him in doubtful fashion, running into the back of the Porsche and breaking his front wing.

Wehrlein was one of the first drivers among the front-runners to claim Attack Mode, doing so on lap nine, prompting those ahead of him to start doing the same. By the time the Safety Car appeared on lap 20, due to the debris increasingly littering the circuit, leader Rowland had already banked both of his Attack Mode activations, but was becoming increasingly concerned about his energy use.

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Nico Mueller came in sixth, claiming the first points of the season for Abt. Edoardo Mortara originally did the same for Mahindra, but was disqualified after the race for exceeding his energy allowance.

The post-race change to the classification elevated Nick Cassidy to seventh place, having started 19th. That ensured he retained the slimmest of leads in the championship, tied on points with Wehrlein but ahead by dint of his larger collection of podiums. Rowland’s third podium finish in a row puts him third in the points but his wait for his first win since 2021 goes on.

Robin Frijns took eighth despite losing his front wing in a collision with Nato. Sergio Sette Camara was ninth and Sacha Fenestraz was promoted to the final point.

Following his victory two weeks ago in Brazil, Sam Bird finished a lowly 20th for McLaren. His team mate Jake Hughes recovered from last place to finish 13th after an early tangle with Lucas di Grassi left him in the barrier at turn seven.


17Maximilian GuentherMaseratiMaserati Tipo Folgore
222Oliver RowlandMcLarenNissan e-4ORCE 04
31Jake DennisAndrettiPorsche 99X Electric Gen3
413Antonio Felix da CostaPorschePorsche 99X Electric Gen3
594Pascal WehrleinPorschePorsche 99X Electric Gen3
651Nico MuellerAbt CupraMahindra M10Electro
737Nick CassidyJaguarJaguar I-Type 6
84Robin FrijnsEnvisionJaguar I-Type 6
93Sergio Sette CamaraERTERT X24
1023Sacha FenestrazNissanNissan e-4ORCE 04
1125Jean-Eric VergneDS PenskeDS E-TENSE FE23
1216Sebastien BuemiEnvisionJaguar I-Type 6
135Jake HughesMcLarenNissan e-4ORCE 04
149Mitch EvansJaguarJaguar I-Type 6
1517Norman NatoAndrettiPorsche 99X Electric Gen3
162Stoffel VandoorneDS PenskeDS E-TENSE FE23
1718Jehan DaruvalaMaseratiMaserati Tipo Folgore
1833Dan TicktumERTERT X24
198Sam BirdMcLarenNissan e-4ORCE 04
2011Lucas di GrassiAbt CupraMahindra M9Electro
2121Nyck de VriesMahindaMahindra M10Electro
2248Edoardo MortaraMahindaMahindra M10Electro

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5 comments on “Guenther wins in Tokyo after Rowland gives up the lead”

  1. Maximilian Guenther won Formula E’s first race in Japan, denying Maserati a home victory after Oliver Rowland led much of the way from pole position.

    Denying Maserati should be denying Nissan, no?

    Also, interesting race.
    Surprised Wehrlein was able to continue for the whole race with his front wing flapping in front of him.
    Feel sorry for Mortara getting disqualified after being solidly in the points all race.
    Definitely showing up his championship teammate de Vries at the moment.

  2. Title Contender Oliver Rowland, love it!
    He’s really out-performing Fenestraz

  3. Seems I missed a fun race (I know I could watch it still, but unless it was an ‘exceptional’ race I don’t like watching replays when I know the result… though if I get any more senile, that will become a non-issue).

    I had a think about why I don’t watch many FE races nowadays (as I do quite like the series) and despite it being a rather shallow and embarrassing reason, I believe it is largely because I really really really do not like Dan Ticktum. Hopefully I’ll get over it one day.

    1. @cairnsfella
      To be honest, I don’t think there was a single reference to Dan the whole race.

      1. Interesting to note given my (probably non-rational) dislike of the guy. Another reason for me to get over myself.

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