Lando Norris and a bird, Melbourne, 2024

Caption Competition 239: Norris in full flight

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Lando Norris encountered a feathered friend during the Australian Grand Prix weekend in Melbourne.

Wildlife and Formula 1 cars don’t always mix well, but on this occasion it seems the local Albert Park resident just wanted to a chance to go up against a McLaren MCL38.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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53 comments on “Caption Competition 239: Norris in full flight”

  1. Seagull – “He just ran over the bloody chip I was going for”!

  2. notagrumpyfan
    30th March 2024, 8:50

    Lap deleted for Bird due to track limits.

  3. BMW P85 V10
    30th March 2024, 9:02

    Damn, that seagull was slow on the apex.

  4. Seagull – “Next year I’ll crap on him from a great height.”

  5. While the wings on his rival were impressive, Norris felt that it was running a bit high off the ground to make full use of ground effects.

  6. F1 spying hits new technological heights with robo-seagull – remember the birds aren’t real!

  7. Cain Bentick
    30th March 2024, 9:32

    If it wasn’t for that seagull I would’ve been on Pole.

  8. Piastri: Go after the red cars Lando! I’ve got the bird covered.

  9. The latest overlap between F1 and America’s cup sees the seagull being trialed as a new speed unit

  10. I think the trial for movable aerodynamics and smaller cars has gone too far.

  11. The bird got penalized for disturbing the Lando’s air. Greenpeace won’t appeal.

    1. Not just disturbing, it was a full-blown braketest

  12. Derek Edwards
    30th March 2024, 10:09

    Fantastic lift and coast in turn four, Lando.

  13. The movie poster for Liberty Media’s remake of ‘ Jonathan Livingstone Seagull’ was the first warning sign that it might not be true to the original…

  14. Mclaren’s reply to Red bull gives you wings

  15. Lando beaten to the FLAP!

  16. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    30th March 2024, 10:25

    F1’s obsession with celebrity exposure is getting a bit silly now. Letting Steven on the track during a live session.

    1. @rdotquestionmark excellently niche comment there

  17. Flying lap.

    1. Yes?

  18. The panicked Melbourne resident was only looking for a safe place to lando

  19. Mr Scallywag
    30th March 2024, 11:51

    Yet another Aussie ordered out of Norris” way.

    1. Good one!

  20. Dean Stewart
    30th March 2024, 12:17

    The seagull only noticed the papaya orange wasn’t Ferrari red at the last minute. They miss Seb….

  21. Seagull flying low on a lazy Sunday afternoon: “I believe I can fly… I believe I can touch the….”
    (Lando whizzes past)
    Seagull: “What the $%*#&#!”

  22. That behavior is totally uncalled for, you just don’t flick the bird during a race!

  23. ” Thought I’d fly by the GP, got a selfie with Nando, thee chips, a donut, and scared the bejesus out of an small child, woot woot “

    1. In case your wondering if its a typo…. Everybody knows that Seagulls cant pronounce there L’s properly when pronounced first :)

  24. Gull: Watch me pass without DRS.

  25. Lando really flipped the bird this time around.

  26. In the latest speedrun of Bennet Foddy’s classic GIRP Lando narrowly beats seagull to the box. Inside the box: a pit crew waiting.

  27. After much deliberation, the race stewards have determined the seagull had superior inside position and sufficient lead into the turn ahead of the McLaren. Therefore, no penalty will be assessed to the seagull team for blocking and moving under braking.

  28. Jacques Paquet
    30th March 2024, 14:58

    (Sam) Bird paying a visit to McLaren FE’s sister team.

  29. Jonathon Livingston Seagull says go gull go!

  30. Upon seeing this image, Liberty Media launched a massive internal assessment of how much money they could make from an F1/Wildlife Media Interaction Chanel … animal deaths were not a problem, obviously.

  31. Careful Lando, that’s a €50,000 fine if you touch it’s wing

  32. Seagull – “My Canadian friends told me how to get a guaranteed view of this F1 thing. Wait, that’s not a Ferrari…”

  33. I wouldn’t say Seagulls are noisy but Lando was on the radio reporting the car was making a ‘weird Seagull noise’….

  34. “Ha ha! Just like all those other cars which come into my territory! Flies in, pretends it wants the place, then flies away as fast as it can!”

  35. “You humans are so rude! There’s people around, and some of them have children too! You’re going crazy fast! Can’t you go a bit slower? Actually, a lot slower would be even better.”

  36. Lando – The gull was weaving under braking.

  37. Even the seagulls are faster in slow corners!

  38. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Yes, it is actually a bird.

  39. Bird: Hey Lando, Flip me if Oscar asks you to repay the swap favour at the next race.

  40. Wins by a beak!

  41. ‘Despite passing Lando, the leading Gull was shown the black and orange flag with the wing dangerously close to the ground’

  42. After the race Adrian Newey was found modifying the Seagull to make it faster and more efficient.

  43. Lando had wondered what the smell was, and now suspected Mclaren’s guest, Eric Cantona, may have had something to do with it.

  44. Piastri gives Lando the bird after “graciously” letting him by.

  45. I have an opinion
    31st March 2024, 10:48

    Easier egress with the gull wings.

  46. After paying £300,000 for the bona fide secret McLaren/Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG hybrid development pictures, with horror George, from the ‘ Embiggen and Reach..stuff ‘ Department, reads the E-mail again….
    “blah blah blah…. With 100% confidence, these are actual pictures of the New hybrid ingress/egress system blah blah crypto amount blah blah”

  47. Argh… That ruffled my feathers!
    “Have a nice vacation in Melbourne” they said. “It’ll be nice and quiet” they said. Did they believe I’m gullible?
    Well, I’m off – I’ll go rampage the food bar in the paddock club.

  48. Hey Seb, is that the same bird you saw.

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