Christian Danner, Rial, Monaco, 1989

Christian Danner

Christian Danner drove for Zakspeed twice in 1985. In 1986 he completed a full season, but with two different teams: he began with Osella, then switched to Arrows following a contractual dispute.

Aside from his first championship point, scored at Austria in 1986, he attracted significant attention on few further occasions. Back at Zakspeed in 1987 he was controversially thrown out of the Monaco Grand Prix weekend after colliding with Michele Alboreto during practice.

He missed out on a drive for EuroBrun in 1988 due to his height, then in 1989 he took his lowly Rial to fourth in Pheonix, simply by dint of being one of very few finishers in the gruelling race. After seven further ‘DNQs’ Danner’s F1 adventure was over.

He later made a handful of appearances in CART IndyCar and then GP Masters.