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2012 Le Mans 24hr

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    So, next Saturday the 3rd round of the World Endurance Championship gets underway and it’s the big one, the jewel in the crown – it’s the 2012 Le Mans 24 hr race.

    At the front, the factory LMP1 battle changes:
    Audi V Peugeot becomes Audi V Toyota Hybrid

    2 Audi 18 Ultras, 2 Audi R18 Quattros and 2 Toyota TS030 will be going for the overall win and the Audis will be massive favourites to claim a 3rd straight Le Mans win and their 11th overall, but last year the single slower Audi won ahead of the 3 favourite Peugeots – so do not write Toyota off yet, they looked decent in testing and will be hungry to go one better than their last Le Mans effort and become only the second Japanese constructor to win overall around Circuit la Sarthe.

    We also get to the #0 car – the Nissan Deltawing – originally an entrant to become the next gen Indy Car; the car has been developed to compete in Le Man under the Garage 56 rule. It should be interesting to see how it gets on.


    Nice to see Karun Chanhok is now doing regular-ish video blogs on his LeMans preparation –


    Very keen for this!

    The last few years the race has been broadcast live on free to air TV here in Australia. This year it isnt.. :/

    Does anyone know of a good, reliable stream that they could share? :)

    I’ll definatly be listening to Radio Le Mans for the race though!


    Can’t wait to see that Delta Wing in action. At Spa the Toyota’s were close in lap times to the Audi’s, but I guess they were just teasing because after that Audi shaved a few seconds off. Hopefully it will turn out to be a close race in the end.


    @mpj1994 I’m disappointed (though not hugely surprised) that ONE aren’t showing the race this year. I believe that the online livestream that the WEC website provides should be showing most of the race, unless I’m mistaken.


    speed will be showing almost the entire race this year, instead of last year’s travesty. i’m cheering on anyone not driving an audi! i hope toyota and others can actually compete in the wec 2013 and bring the fight to those guys.


    Saw an add. yesterday from RTL NL, they are showing the whole race. Yes, with ad breaks undoubtedly (but then again, I am not going to stay up for 24 most likely anyway), but also in HD. Already told my wife I’d find ways for both of us to enjoy me having that on the whole weekend, and she said she’d let me try, so jay! Looking forward to it.


    Qualifying stream. Only 25 mins left though


    Roll on Saturday! Cant wait, and nice to see Toyota in amoungst the Audi’s on the grid.

    Adam Tate

    Yes very impressive to see Toyota third on the grid. Not a surprise to see an e-tron Audi on pole, but it did surprise me that an ultra and a Toyota, are in between it and the next e-tron Audi on the grid.


    I’m pretty disappointed that Audi’s star team are only starting 4th, not that it makes much of a difference.


    Front 3 rows:

    01. Audi Sport R18 e-tron quattro #1
    02. Audi Sport R18 Ultra #3
    03. Toyota Racing TS030 Hybrid #8
    04. Audi Sport R18 e-tron quattro #2
    05. Toyota Racing TS030 Hybrid #7
    06. Audi Sport R18 Ultra #4


    For the Australians, Channel 10 appear to be streaming the entire race live on its website:

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Start of the historic Group C race, featuring a big accident on the first lap.!

    Fortunately, everyone is okay.

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