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    Luckily I can edit comments now, which I kind of need to be able to do as a moderator :)


    Keith, surely the moderation problem exists to the same extent if people simply reply to their own post with corrections? Or worse, 3 other people reply correcting the initial post. Also, are all posts held for moderation? Surely at least a majority of users’ comments are unmoderated? Assuming that is the case perhaps allowing edits for those registered users would be a solution? I did like the suggestion earlier of putting a short time limit on edits.

    As an aside: someone else in the thread mentioned @username verification. That should be fairly simple to implement without incurring much overhead, and would be very useful. perhaps even show a list of similar usernames if no matches are found?


    @Puffy If I tell you that comment spam outweighs real submissions by a ratio of around seven to one (the vast majority of which never appears on the site and the remainder is removed very quickly), I’m sure you’ll appreciate that it’s not in my interests to give out too many details which would be useful to those trying to abuse the service provided here.

    Suffice it to say I’ve been doing this for a long time now (eight years last week!) and I’m certain comment moderation would become unmanageable if editing comments was allowed. But maybe that will change in the future.

    Regarding username verification, if you have the development expertise to produce such a solution do get in touch.


    @keithcollantine Yikes! That’s pretty frightening, I can definitely see why you wouldn’t want to give away anything that might help people get around your existing safeguards. You’re certainly in a much better position to guage the feasability of features than I am.

    As for the username verification, I do have the expertise to develop a solution for it, I will contact you shortly via the contact form and we can take it from there.


    Then the answer is simply put an edit button but only for 10 minutes or something. Usually people who spell things wrong notice it after they post something. That will decrease your moderation problem since after 10 minutes something was posted it can’t be changed anymore and i doubt you see everything immediately and not a few good minutes after anyway.
    So all those little correction post will disappear and you will have even less to look, also moderation of ever changing comments will not bother you.


    @solo See my answer to Puffy above. It’s rather presumptuous to claim something is “simple” when you don’t have all the information how it works.


    To be honest, I don’t think this is a big problem. I have wanted to edit my comments only a few times, because of the following reasons:

    1) I noticed a grammar mistake. I’m not a native speaker of English but I don’t think this is such an issue for those who are.
    2) I messed up the formatting. 1. Some time ago I didn’t know anything about tags yet and probably there wasn’t enough information as for which codes are allowed on F1F (but there is now and there are buttons for those, too). 2. I recently posted a very huge forum topic with probably 100 tags that I had added automatically but I don’t do that outside the forum.
    3) Once in approximately 500 times I managed to press the ‘post’ button accidentally before I had finished what I wanted to say.

    All in all, I don’t see strong reasons for having the ‘Edit comments’ feature outside the forum. It’s not like we need to write school essays, official reports that our bosses will read or something else that important here. We are allowed to make mistakes now and then, noone will punish us for them and nobody will laugh at us because of them (and, if someone will, then F1F staff will teach him a lesson). Just look at the tweets of our beloved drivers. Lewis Hamilton once confused search box with tweet box and Heikki wished merry Xmas to all his computers, why should we fall behind by being perfect?


    If you are to put the feature on, though, You should add a time limit (what I meant by that: something like “No more editing 10 minutes after a comment is posted” or something like that. I know that another forum (which I happen to also be a part of) adopted that recently), although @girts may be right about the matter.


    I still think it’s not worth it, ok, yes, it is rather embarrasing wen I mke mistkes. But, well, it’s also easy to ignore, it’s rare that it isn’t comprehensible and when it is, people just make a reply correcting it anyway. Which isn’t often enough for it to become a spam on it’s own (I think).

    The less work Keith has on maintenance the more we get to read about F1. Or you know, sometimes he might even get to leave the house.


    The less work Keith has on maintenance the more we get to read about F1. Or you know, sometimes he might even get to leave the house.

    There’s more than a little truth to that (as I type one-handed with a baby on my knee!)


    Add a few moderators to the existing team?


    @xtwl Why do you think we had a baby? (Joking…)

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