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Gran Turismo 5 Le Mans Series

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    OK. I’ll be in my lounge from now.


    System update…. -_-


    Good fun putting in the laps guys. Sadly it’s rather driven home how slow my 787b is when it comes to fast corners. I don’t think I’ve got much hope come Monday :(


    It’ll take me a lot of practice to get used to driving these cars, especially with the driver aids at a minimum. I felt a lot better after tonight’s laps though. Thanks go to Mag for that.


    I’m really, really sorry about just going silent last night. I wasn’t ignoring you both. I got an important phone call and had to rush off to answer it. When I came back, you’d both gone!


    I did wonder why I was spinning around Suzuka by myself! :P It’s ok man, it was time to head for the land of nod anyway. Cheers for your help last night though. Twas great indeed.


    @magnificent-geoffrey @mazdachris @slr @shyguy1992 @spud

    Race preview for Monday yoinked from here:


    Laps: 26
    Standing start
    Unknown weather

    Suzuka, one of the best tracks in the world, is the next stop for the PRL Le Mans Series. A track that has given many memorable championship deciders, won’t see one this time, as David secured the title. There’s still plenty to play for, as Paul’s maiden win at Daytona keeps him in the race for the runner-up spot, with Jake having 3 retirements in the last 5 races. Interestingly, no-one has taken more than 2 poles, with David, Paul, Chris and Sam all on two, and Jake on one. Qualifying will be intense, especially when it is so hard to pass here, and there is little run-off. Weather can shake things up too.

    Here’s Brundle taking us through some dominant German who took pole here:


    Pre race questions:
    1. Can Paul catch Jake for the runner-up spot? (32 points behind, 50 points available)
    2. Should the World Endurance Championship race here instead of Fuji?
    3. Do you think the 15th Anniversary Edition of GT6 will be worth it?
    4. To the nearest minute, what will the total winning time be for this race?
    5. Have you tried Sushi before?


    Penultimate round of the season tomorrow, remember.


    I can confirm that I am able to race tonight.


    Sadly it’s looking marginal now as to whether or not I’ll be able to make this one I’m afraid.


    @magnificent-geoffrey @mazdachris @slr @spud

    For anyone racing at Suzuka tonight, my lounge is open for practice. Qualifying starts at 8.


    Race results from Suzuka after 26 laps:
    1) David_JV ( @david-a) 48:02.447
    2) Shyguy2008 ( @shyguy1992) +59.512
    3) MagnificentGeof ( @magnificent-geoffrey) +2:38.155
    4) Slrmm ( @slr) + 1 lap
    5) Jake2013guy + 3 laps
    6) Ibbo1981 + 3 laps

    Updated championship table:


    Just wanted to express my appreciation of ‘Slrmm MacKenzie’.


    Slrmm MacKenzie

    Haha, brilliant!


    Final round next Monday, let’s make it a good ‘un!

    Next season will be run early next year, on Gran Turismo 6. The day may also change from Monday nights to some time on the weekends.

Viewing 15 posts - 241 through 255 (of 273 total)
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