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Gran Turismo 5 Le Mans Series

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    Oh well. I was hunting Mike down for 5th. :/ Well done the rest of you guys anyway. We’ll do it again soon hopefully.


    Thanks again for another great race guys. As I said, didn’t half make it hard for myself. Changing tyre compounds on my second stop I managed to bugger it up and put on mismatching tyres. Apparently once you’ve made your choice you can’t change it. So ended up having to do a lap and straight back in for another stop. Plus plenty of running wide and spinning. Not my best performance but felt like I always had the pace.

    Pole, fastest lap, and the race win. A great way to end the season. Here’s looking forward to the next one!


    @baldgye @lin1876 @magnificent-geoffrey @mazdachris @shyguy1992 @slr @spud

    I’d like to say a big thank you to all of you for getting involved! Hope you all had a great time racing in these LMP machines. Looking forward to racing you lot again, be it on GT6, or in the Collantine Cup!

Viewing 3 posts - 271 through 273 (of 273 total)
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