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The Collantine Cup – v2.0

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    I imagine Mag will host as he was a terrific host during the pre-season test.


    Are there any spaces left?


    @juan-pablo-heidfeld-1 sadly there arent any places left.

    Stephen Jones

    oh, you dug up my video.. great, just great
    damon picked the video where i was talking about 3 octaves down..



    Ok then, I’m always here if someone pulls out :)


    What’s everyone’s driving situation? What camera view, control device, assists, etc do you use? I’m just curious.

    I’m a cockpit-wheel-no assists guy, myself. I find that the lack of TC control puts me at a disadvantage off the line, but I think the lack of weight penalties for using assists makes me faster than if I do use assists overall.


    oh my…my song is interesting, I am assuming it is just the silver reference…lol

    This is Brilliant by the way, Thanks @Magnificent-Geoffrey

    I am currently looking at investing in a wheel but only a controller at the moment, Cockpit view and I’m sticking with the TC


    Yeah, for some people it was easy to think of a jokey reference while for others it was a lot harder. Sorry if some of them seem pretty weak. Though I have to say, I’m now in love with James Brown’s music.

    Also, I’ve decided that if two of the ‘independents’ – Spud, supernicebob and Silverkeg – want to join together to create a combined team, that will be acceptable. I know that would leave one of you on your own, but I can’t think of what else to do about it at the moment.


    I always race with the camera view above the cockpit. I always have ABS and an automatic gearbox. Whether I use TC and a racing line depends on the track. I race with a normal controller.

    EDIT: Actually, ABS also depends on the track, it’s just the automatic gears I use for every race. For example, I can race without most aids in Brazil, but in Monaco I can’t even get past Saint Devote without locking up or spinning.


    “Wow! This looks great! If only I had a PS3…”

    I’m pretty sure you’re already doing something very similar…

    As head of Really Rubbish Racing, I very much look forward to following this. Best of luck to all involved!


    I too use the T cam above the cockpit. As for assists I only use auto gears otherwise I find it too many things to be pressing on a controller :)


    I use the onboard camera view, and I use no assists (now that I have a wheel!).

    I’ve edited the video of the test race so I’ll leave it uploading overnight and post it here in the morning. :)


    Awesome. On a related note, I’m hoping to get this capture device figured out by Sunday so I’ll be able to record some direct footage from the race, which would be good.


    I might try to capture my race from my trusty mobile phone. However the time I can record is limited. To be able to record for long periods of time requires me to delete just about everything from my media section. However, I’ll just save the things I want to keep onto my laptop and I then should be able to record the whole race (but probably not qualifying).

    EDIT: BTW, I don’t have any video editing software on my laptop, so I’ll probably have to upload the entire race onto YouTube.


    I’m just a bog standard controller boy, myself…I use the T-cam view and online I use both the driving line and medium traction control.

    As for video recording goes, I’m hoping to record the race on my phone, and I can then edit it on my phone before putting it on the computer and then uploading it to YouTube.

    PS. @damonsmedley I would love to see that video of the practice event. I’d particularly like to see how poor my DRS overtake was when I overtook you then pulled right back in front of you, woops… :P

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