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    Hopefully it won’t take as long to arrive as the endlessly delayed GT5:


    And while I’m wishing for things, more real tracks and fewer crappy fake city tracks would be nice. They’ve got Silverstone, so that’s a step in the right direction.

    What are you hoping for from GT6?

    Oli Peacock

    ‘What are you hoping for from GT6?’

    A B-Spec mode that doesn’t sell my life away for endless hours waiting for the race’s to finish :P


    Agree with the point about B-Spec… what happened to the x3 speed play you got in GT4??? (I’d want x10 or something for the 24 hour races!)
    Also bigger grids (12-16 still not massive is it), a proper damage model, realistic fuel effects and aerodynamic addons properly affecting performance would be nice
    Decent AI wouldn’t go a miss- in NASCAR on GT5 you smash into an AI car and he sticks to his line while you are the only one who gets shunted into the wall


    Re-insert the original tracks that were missing in GT5 like Midfield and Apricot Hill.

    Make B-Spec as it was in GT4.

    Ditch the level system.

    Longer single player championships than GT5 (like GT3/GT4).

    Weather on all tracks.

    Fer no.65

    Hope? I hope to get a PS3 in time, that’s a first.

    I hope it provides me of the thrill GT2 gave me back in the day. It gave me all I know about cars and motorsports, even if I was already a big petrolhead back then. But I really made that evolution from reasonably noob to know-it-all geek with GT2. And I still get excited whenever I hear “My Favourite Game” by the Cardigans, which was the intro in the version I had.

    That’s what I hope… to remember the game for decades, like I do with GT2 !

    Fer no.65

    @david-a Midfield and Apricot Hill were soooo damn good. In the Alfa 155, it was seriously hard to go full throttle on the slightly banked left after the tunnel in Midfield and the flat left before the long backstraight in Apricot ! delightful challenge. Whoever thouight those two needs to replace Tilke right now !

    R.J. O’Connell

    Did anyone ID the vintage formula car in the trailer or is that a fictional model? EDIT: It’s not a vintage car, but Gordon Murray’s “Rocket” – very nice addition there.

    Also, hot dang, Silverstone, Audi Quattro S1, cars that were “standard” in GT5 like the Countach and the Alpine being bumped up to premium, at least one new environment AND a brand new physics engine with new suspension/aero/tyre models.

    This is looking like the game GT5 should have been all along.

    Max Jacobson

    I feel like I’ll probably miss out big time: I’ve only got an Xbox, so I’m limited to Forza which is a great game but lacks some tracks I’ve felt it needs (such as Spa Francorchamps or Monaco – it’s missing the jewel in the triple crown!) and some of the variety of cars GT5 has, like the Red Bull X1.

    I may actually consider buying the next-gen playstation purely for Grand Turismo…


    More than anything else I’d like to see car livery customisation like Forza, and better AI (I know it’s more of a driving game, but the AI suck in GT5). I also hope they don’t constantly delay the game either like with GT5, and hopefully there won’t a prologue edition.

    I’d like events like the Indy 500 to actually have IndyCars and for endurance races to allow driver changes so that you don’t literally have to drive for 24 hours.

    I agree with those saying that B-Spec races should be quicker, in GT5 I wanted some of the rewards from B-Spec but I didn’t have the patience.

    I hope to get a PS3 in time, that’s a first.

    GT6 will probably be on the PS4.

    Fer no.65

    @slr they say it’s going to be released on PS3…


    Yeah I just read about it in an article. I’m surprised they’re not making it PS4 exclusive, if Sony have it on PS3 then fewer gamers will buy the PS4 when it comes out.


    For it to be released on the PS Vita

    Fer no.65

    @slr they’ve been releasing new games very late in the consoles life. GT2 came very late in the day just months before PS2 was releaed, so did GT4 and now apparently so GT6.

    Considering they started developing GT6 in 2010, they probably don’t want to start all over again to reach PS4 and delay the thing…

    Craig Woollard

    A much bigger grid capacity. Even if it is restricted to just certain tracks like Sarthe. I cannot really see 55 cars getting round some of the really short tracks, but only having 16 cars in Le Mans or the Indy 500 just doesn’t sound right.

    Some more classic open wheel cars, though I assume sponsorship issues would persist. Would love a nice green No. 27 Dallara DW12 up against a No. 9 McLaren MP4-20.

    I’m really glad Silverstone is in there. It really should have been in GT5 from as soon as the Wing opened. I completely agree with Keith. They had Madrid when they could have put in Valencia (not much of an improvement though) or Catalunya or ideally Jerez. The more real circuits the better, and only a few of the street ones. Tokyo was always good, one of my favourites but most of the city ones were just dire.

    For the love of God Pirelli tyres which last 6 laps would be ridiculous… Though the Super-dooper-ultra-soft racing tyre from GT4 didn’t exactly last long! Basically they could have been better in GT5. I’d like to see a few half road, half dirt rally stages too.

    This NEEDS to be much more refined than what GT5 was, and needs to not be constantly delayed. GT5 is great, I’m hoping to reach Level 40 and do the Nurburgring 24hr event with a few mates and a lot of caffeine once exams are over, but it was just missing that little bit of a fun factor… I don’t want it to be Forza-like though.

    Fer no.65

    THAT TOO ! No more vacuum cleaners !

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