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What we want to see in Codemasters' F1 2014

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    If Classic Mode returns – and after its inclusion in F1 2013, it pretty much has to – then I would like to see a better range of circuits. The ones Codemasters chose for F1 2013 were not really representative of the era they were trying to capture. They should go for Imola and Buenos Aires (the version used in the 1980s, not the 1990s) and Watkins Glen and the Osterreichring (which I always used to call the ‘Ostrich-ring’).


    I’d like to see F1 2014 work. Admittedly, I haven’t bought an F1 game since F1 2011, but I get the impression that a lot of things like penalties haven’t been fixed since. If we could just get a functionally sorted game (like F1 CE was all those years ago) with the improved weather, damage and handling of the Codemasters games I’d buy into that.

    I’d like to see GP2/GP3 in there too if the license permits, and once classic cars were included the natural thing to want is more of them (in the base game, NOT as DLC). So yeah, a technically sorted game with more stuff is what I’d like, surely that’s not too much, right?


    Make it louder than real life, so nobody complains about the lack of noise. Just turn the volume up.

    Harry Westwood

    I want them to either focus on the important things (handling, online racing, racing in general) or stop making the games, none of this fancy bs they keep trying to add while making the game worse.


    I want to see some reliabilty issues with my car. In every race I’ve done in F1 2013 and F1 2012 I have finished without fault. Once I lost KERS in practice, but seriously, that hardly affects my lap times at all.

    Another thing: Difference between a wet and a dry track should be a lot more realistic.

    However, the most important thing in my view is that they make the handling the new cars realistic – that means that they slide and are different to cars from the previous generation.

    Harry Westwood

    I lose KERS a lot and I don’t think reliability problems should be implemented online the way f1 2013 connection is ;) lol


    I’ll put something randome here and say: Make it Free Software, have it run in GNU/Linux, and with a Pentium 4 processor, Nvidia 6200 GPU, and a Gb of RAM.

    Otherwise I can’t even run it :p

    Djangles LeVaughn

    Choice of driver number for career mode.


    I don’t think we will see reliability issues feature in F1 2014, as many people, (myself included) would find it incredibly frustrating. The only way it could work is as an optional feature and I doubt Codemasters will waste time building a code system for reliability that only a handful of people will use, when they could spend that time on things like handling/track behaviour etc… that everyone will benefit from

    Nic Morley

    Hopefully new developers. Fair play CM have put in some pretty good features in the past few years but every F1 game they have produced has been plagued with bugs. I know bugs are common in just about all games, however in this case the bigs are a game breaker, for me anyway.

    2010- was so exited for this game. Was counting down to the release date. Loved the game and enjoyed 5 seasons of career mode.

    2011- played about 2 seasons of career mode. Really enjoyed this game until that I reached that stupid bug where the majority of the leaders would just drop out of the race. I was enjoying my career with a race winning Williams team (thanks to their new system which would allow teams to improve) until the bug started happening.

    2012- didn’t have so much interest in this, though was exited when I bought it the week after it was released. Personally their best F1 game to date for me. Unfortunately they tweeted with the steering and buggered up the steering with my wheel. Ruined the game for me and haven’t played it since.

    2013- didn’t care for the game at all, though the classic cars sounded cool. Purchased the game about a month after it was releases and have only done about 3 or so races. Really a waste of money by me.

    It just seems year by year they are adding in all this sparkling bull crap, but at the same time taking away the features that got me interested in the 2010 game to start with ie atmosphere, interviews etc.

    Hopefully with the next gen consoles We get something fresh and hopefully no game breaking bugs. If 2014 is another missed ‘same old, bugs bugs and more bugs’ hopefully someone else gets the license.

    Sir Teukka

    I’d love it if there were team changes between seasons. Other than yourself, obviously.
    And the cars could develop during the career, like Lotus might be bad at first, but at the end of the 4th year they could challenge for wins etc.

    Theo Parkinson

    1) Character creator with helmet editor.
    2) Manual pit stops. You have to slow down and break.
    3) The challenge mode takes place in a variety of smaller racing series (karting, gp2 etc) and the better you do the better your rookie season contract e.g Hamilton’s junior career.
    4) The ability to hire race engineers who keep you updated on different driver’s positions, which corners you are losing time in and talk to you almost as much as real engineers do. Different voice actors as well.
    5) Warm up lap, victory lap and podiums with varying animations. In races like Singapore or wet races have the driver more tired.
    6) An RPG like skill tree for you and your car. Increase stuff like stamina (a gentle amount of input lag towards ends of races give a impression of being tired, i’ve seen it used well in some racing games but it it difficult to do), engineer communication,contract negotiation, sponsorship, stewards persuasion and wet weather control through mini games, and car developments like tyre ware, starts, reliability, rear downforce and front downforce through R&D.
    7) 12 year career minimums with the possibility of actually losing your seat.
    8) A virtual trophy cabinet to look at.
    9) Have teammates scale to you slightly. If the difficulty is too low it looks ridiculous when you win races in a midfield car. If for instance your in a Williams with Massa and your battling for the championship, he will be faster than he normally is so you have a shot at constructors and your performance doesn’t look so out of place.
    10) Interviews where you can be different characters, be humble but lose sponsors, be slightly cocky and and have negative responses on social media, be funny and gain lots of fans. You have to be motivational but might come across as rude. Also give a time limit on answers similar to Tell Tale games like The Walking Dead game. Some of the interviews on the grid. Possibly voiced by real presenters.
    In summary I just want the game to feel more alive and less like a simulation. Events, scripted or random, like having a photo shoot, your engineer being sick, rumors about you circling around, have drivers come talk to you after a race, voice acted cutscenes after a bad race, running out of fuel after the race and getting a lift back from a driver you’ve been friendly to, would add to the experience and make the game feel less robotic.

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