2013 F1 nations championship

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    Great Britain, Germany and France have four representatives. Finland, Australia, and Mexico all have two each. The remaining four nations on the grid have a sole driver representing them; they are Spain, Brazil, Venezuela, and Netherlands.

    Great Britain
    Jenson Button
    Lewis Hamilton
    Paul di Resta
    Max Chilton

    Sebastian Vettel
    Nico Rosberg
    Adrian Sutil
    Nico Hulkenberg

    Romain Grosjean
    Jean-Eric Vergne
    Charles Pic
    Jules Bianchi

    Kimi Raikkonen
    Valtteri Bottas

    Mark Webber
    Daniel Ricciardo

    Sergio Perez
    Esteban GutiƩrrez

    Fernando Alonso

    Felipe Massa

    Pastor Maldonado

    Giedo Van der Garde

    There have been some minor changes:

    1. Adrian Sutil has joined Force India, Germany now have four drivers.
    2. Jules Bianchi has joined Marussia, and France now have four drivers too.
    3. Luiz Razia has lost his seat at Marussia, meaning Felipe Massa is the only Brazilian representative.

    The rest remain the same.

    Anyone want to make some last-minute predictions?


    1. Germany – Sutil joining has made this a sure bet, All four will be fighting for points, the Nico’s podiums, and Seb the title

    2. UK – Both Lewis and Jenson will score bucket loads, but Di Resta is their only backup, getting similar points to Sutil.

    3. Finland – Kimi will score a lot of points, maybe fight for championship. The Williams looks the best of the midfield, enough for Finland to beat Spain…just

    4. Spain – Alonso…that is all

    5. Australia – I think Webber will outscore Perez comfortably enough, and Ricciardo won’t be too far from Esteban.

    6. France – Despite four drivers, only two will score points. Grosjean will come good this year and will score more than Perez (Hopefullly) while Vergne like his teammate won’t be too far from Gutierrez

    7. Mexico – Not quite enough experience to capitalise on their cars allowing Australia and France to outscore them (It is going to be extremely tight between Mexico, France and Australia I believe)

    8. Brazil – Massa will outscore Maldonado
    9. Venezuela
    10. Netherlands – 0 points


    Finland have some pair. Most teams would have your arm for Raikkonen and Bottas.

    I expect the battle to be between Britain and Germany, but Germany should edge it because the Nicos will be in the podiums/points much of the season.

    Jonny C

    1. Germany
    2. Great Britain
    3. Finland
    4. Spain
    5. Australia
    6. France
    7. Brazil
    8. Mexico
    9. Venezuela
    10. Netherlands

    I don’t expect too many surprises (but I guess that’s why they’re surprises) come end of the season.

    I think Germany and Britain will walk it with Germany taking it with a decent gap, Seb looks ready for a 4th title and even if not both Nico’s and Sutil should score regular high points.
    Bottas will be the difference between Finland and Spain, though I expect Alonso to beat Kimi.
    Webber will beat Grosjean and I don’t expect Vergne, Pic, Bianchi or Ricciardo to make any real difference between France and Australia.
    Massa looks much better for the start of this year and think he’s score more than Perez having seen the poor speed of the McLaren, and I’m not expecting more than a handful of points finishes from Gutierrez. Both will beat Maldonado unless he has a stellar season.
    As for Van de Garde, I’ll be frankly amazed if he makes it through the season.


    National standings after eleven rounds.

    #. Country – points

    1. Germany – 325
    2. Great Britain – 222
    3. Spain – 151
    4. Finland – 134
    5. Australia – 127
    6. Brazil – 67
    7. France – 66
    8. Mexico – 18
    9. Venezuela – 1
    10. Netherlands – 0

    Thanks for the correction, @hunocsi


    Venezuela has one point.

    Max Jacobson

    @kingshark interesting battle developing between France and Brazil it seems and Australia isn’t too far off Finland! Both Germany and Britain are looking pretty secure in their positions though.

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