Are people too critical of Button

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    I just did some number crunching…

    For the 3 years that JB and LH were team mates, JB outscored LH 672 points to 657. Also, for those 3 years, he averaged 4th in the WDC, where LH averaged 4.3.

    Just interesting considering LH was his best performing team mate in recent history, and on average JB out scored him.


    The comparison between Hamilton and Button has been brought up before. As I recall, Hamilton’s points total was skewed by his car’s mechanical unreliability – Singapore 2012 comes to mind, when his gearbox dropped him out of a likely win.

    Even as a Button fan, I have to admit that, very broadly speaking, Hamilton often had the edge in terms of raw speed; whereas JB was better at long-run tyre preservation (in 2011 at least) and making canny strategic calls.


    I hate it when people try to convince others of Button’s speed by mentioning his points tally compared to Hamilton during their time as teammates. Button’s not nearly as fast as Hamilton and I dom’t consider him a top driver. He’s talented and fast and he deservedly won his championship, but I think it’s just one of those situations where all the stars aligned and he happened to be the faster of the two drivers racing the fastest car by a mile during the first half of the season. To everyone who thinks the points comparison is a valid argument, do you think Scheckter was faster than Gilleneuve because he beat his teammate to the championship?

    Aled Davies

    @Casey @Roald

    James Allen did an article on their time together as teamates and with the reliability issues Hamilton faced over their time together he basically came to the conclusion that Hamilton would have outscored him, all things being equal. Also I find that Button’s fans use that total points scored over 3 years to favour their argument. Of the 3 season Hamilton Outscored Button in 2 of them which is a more balanced way of looking at it.

    I’ve always liked Button, during the early 00’s i was a Schumacher fan but was happy to see Jenson coming through and doing well. After Schumis initial retirement i took to supporting Hamilton (purely because i remembered seeing him in a karting magazine about 10 years before his F1 Debut) and was immediately hooked as a fan of his.

    Watching Hamilton’s career since ahs on times been frustrating, i thought after his first world title he would go on to score a few more titles but it wasn’t to be as Mclaren started their decline!

    All in all Button is very good driver, but crucially on his day he can mix it with the best. I don’t think Hamilton/Vettel/Alonso need to be at 100% to win a race, Button would in my opinion!


    I think people are critical of him as he has been the least exciting or talented driver to win a WDC in a really really long time. He had a strong start to a season in a dominant car, and then was outscored by his teammate in the 2nd half of the season.

    In my books, he has good race craft, consistency (if the car suits him), and a good head on his shoulders. However, he lacks outright pace.. lacks the versatility that Hamilton and Alonso possess.

    Overall, I think he’s lucky to have one WDC and I guess no one can take that away from him. He can get criticised though for not being as good as other WDCs… which I think is entirely fair.


    As it looks like he is out of a drive now (if Alonso does replace him at McLaren), I would say yes, people are far too critical of Button. He routinely beats his teammates – including the previously highly rated Perez and Magnussen, and remains the only teammate of Hamilton to have outscored him in a season. He went into Jacques Villeneuve’s team and beat him there too! Given half a decent car, he will deliver the goods.

    People go on about his qualifying form blah blah, but who cares about qualy? Results are all that matters, and he brings them.

    Perhaps sadder is that he faces so much criticism from British F1 followers – why not support your home-grown talent?


    Just to bring this back up, I think Button proved his worth again on Sunday. behind the horrible ending he had had a great race and could have possibly finished higher had it not been for the nasty accident.

    Iestyn Davies

    @broke84 Interestingly, it also backs up the f1metrics article posted by @matthijs about Button being one of the best wet weather drivers ever! There’s no better argument for McLaren keeping him for 2015 than his race at Suzuka. I wonder if Honda will have taken note of this performance, at the race they promote..


    @fastiesty Yes I thought about that article too, right after he went in for inters. I was going to type: unfortunately that most of the races are dry so Button cannot deliver but I’m wrong. Wet or dry, at the end of the season he is beating his teammate on points. He has been doing this every year after a few difficult early years. Whether his teammate is called Trulli, Villeneuve, Sato, Barrichello, Perez or Magnussen, he is beating them on points. Only Hamilton seemed a tough nut to crack. For me, that is enough to rate Button as one of the stars of the current era.

    Every ‘subtop’-team should be thrilled to have Button. But he probably costs too much.


    5th in Japan, 4th on grid in Russia – I think his results speak for themselves.

    Especially when compared to Raikkonen’s pitiful season.

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