Are Red Bull beatable?

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    Lucas Wilson

    Will the new regs produce a new order or will Red Bull still be on top?


    Red Bull showed that they were beatable in 2012 and 2013. The problem is, the other teams beat themselves, basically giving Red Bull the titles.


    They still have Newey, effectively factory support on engines, and most of their key people still in place, so I see no reason why they shouldn’t be at the top.
    That said, dominance always ends and 9/10 times it is because of a big regulation change.
    So I do not expect them to be dominant, maybe not even championship contenders, but I doubt they will turn up with a dog.


    Too many factors to know or even have a guess. But as Mads said, they probably won’t create a dog thanks to Newey and the team’s resources.


    Any team is beatable, and so they will be this year. A lot obviously hinges on the car, but should they come out with a car capable of winning races, then the other teams will have to raise their game in all areas to stand a chance. The fact is that Red Bull are very good in pretty much every area (save maybe for reliability).


    Brawn beat them in 2009, Ferrari nearly beat them in 2010, and McLaren should have beat them in 2012 if they had not shot themselves in the foot. For granted, any team is beatable, it just takes more effort to beat the ones on top.

    Red Bull are certainly no more dominant than McLaren were in the late 80’s, Williams in the 90’s, or Ferrari in the early 2000’s. Even Napoleon was eventually beaten.

    I’m guessing that in 10 years from now, someone will make an identical thread to this one about whatever team rules in then.



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    Lucas Wilson


    hehe ;-)


    I guess it depends on how well RBR divided their focus. I can’t imagine them being as far down as McLaren/Ferrari were in 2009 (or BMW-Sauber for that matter). I won’t rule it out, though. In fact, I’d really like to see how Vettel handles a car that’s a real dog, and then seeing him bounce back in the latter half of the season (like McLaren did 2009, since they eventually scored a win despite their horrendous start). 2013 showed that to an extent, but despite their tyre issues, RBR was still competitive in the beginning of 2013. It’d be nice to finally put and end to all this “Vettel doesn’t have skill, only the best car” kind of nonsense.

    @geemac: Simultaneous thread in F1Fanatic 2014: “Are the spending caps too restrictive?”


    Also, I was hoping to get some idea of how the car was looking today, but I guess even the teams don’t really know how their cars will do and what they’re capable of doing. This has been the funniest start to testing that I’ve ever seen.


    Yes, they are but they also spend more than any other team iirc, have one of (if not the) best driver, and have a very strong designing team. They are beatable and it could be a year like 2009 where the teams which had dominated simply fell apart but RBR do still have all of the ingredients for success.

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