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    Best Driver: Kimi Raikkonen – Didn’t make a mistake all weekend and looked after his tyres well whilst keeping up a strong pace.
    Worst Driver: Pastor Maldonado – Outperformed by his rookie teammate all weekend and crashed out of the race due to driver error.
    Best Team: Ferrari – Gave both of their drivers a great opportunity for an impressive points haul. Probably should have told Massa to pit sooner though, as he lost a lot of time behind Sutil.
    Worst Team: Caterham or McLaren – Both have taken a step back from last year and their nearest rivals have already taken advantage.
    Best Overtake: Raikkonen on Hamilton.
    Best Funny-moment: Vettel spraying champagne all over Kimi’s face.
    Most Surprising Result: Red Bull’s lack of pace despite dominating qualifying.
    Least Surprising Result: Alonso on the podium.
    Special Mention to: Massa and Sutil both drove fantastically but in the end were let down by their strategies. Vettel also did well to hold onto a podium position with the excessive graining he was getting.
    Race Rating: 7/10


    Best Driver: Kimi

    Worst Driver: Maldonado, Maylander (he was so bad he didn’t even get to drive ! :) )

    Best Team: Toleman (to prevent confusion)

    Worst Team: Caterham (they fell behind Marussia!)

    Best Overtake: When Kimi was found in the lead after the last “round” of stops

    Best Funny-moment: Kimi drinking the champagne as Seb and Fernando spray it, before finally spraying it himself (just as he’s always done)

    Most Surprising Result: Kimi, Vettel, Sutil (especially after leading for so long.), Nico H. , Maylander (the latter 2 got a DNS)

    Least Surprising Result: Lewis, Jules (in front of all the other backmarkers)

    Special Mention to: Massa

    Race Rating: IX/X

    Best BBC/Sky commentator/presenter: –

    Worst BBC/Sky commentator/ presenter: –

    Best Commentary moment: From the qualies: mistaking Rosberg’s helmet for Lewis’.

    World feed rating:VII/X

    Alex green

    Thought id stick this in here,bianchis fastest lap was 0.045 of a second slower than vettels


    RagingInferno said 1 hour, 53 minutes ago:
    Best Driver: Kimi Raikkonen
    Worst Driver: Pastor Maldonado
    Best Team: Lotus.
    Worst Team: Mclaren
    Best Overtake: Webber on Di Resta
    Best Funny Moment: Kimi saying it was easy.
    Most surprising result: Vettel and Red Bull, perhaps Grosjean.
    Least surprising result: Alonso on the podium.
    Special mention: Adrian Sutil.
    Race Rating: 7/10


    Best Driver: Kimi Raikkonen
    Worst Driver: Pastor Maldonado
    Best Team: Ferrari
    Worst Team: McLaren
    Best Overtake: Webber on Di Resta
    Best Funny-moment: Nil
    Most Surprising Result: Adrian Sutil managing to hold back the frontrunners for as long as he did
    Least Surprising Result: Another solid race from Alonso
    Special Mentions to: Lewis Hamilton and Jules Bianchi
    Race Rating: 8/10


    Best Driver: Kimi Raikkonen, great drive pumping out the lap times on older tyres
    Worst Driver: Pastor Maldonado, just didnt have a weekend he is capable of, beaten by Bottas to cap it all
    Best Team: Lotus, got strategy right with Kimi
    Worst Team: Can’t say any team was particularly bad, but Williams seemed anonymous and Caterham dissappointed slightly
    Best Overtake: Webber on Di Resta Turn 9
    Best Funny-moment: Kimi shielding his eyes from the champagne and Brundle barging in on Lee Mackenzie’s interviews for the grid walk
    Most Surprising Result: Wasn’t expecting the win for Kimi, and I was pleased to see Hamilton get a decent result, also Massa did great
    Least Surprising Result: Alonso and Vettel up there at the top
    Special Mention to: Bianchi doing well, Marussia leapfrogging Caterham and Sutil leading the race
    Race Rating: 9/10

    Best Sky commentator/presenter: I thought there were no standouts but they were all decent
    Worst Sky commentator/ presenter: NONE
    Best Commentary moment: Martin Brundle talking about the now obligatory bird shot during rain stoppages.
    World feed rating: 8/10 I didnt feel I was missing anything, and they covered action with replays well


    Best driver: Raikkonen, not a bad way to start the year
    Worst driver: Maldonado had a terrible weekend. Followed by Grosjean.
    Best team: Ferrari
    Worst team: Caterham, Williams or Mclaren. Take your pick they were all pretty shoddy.
    Best overtake: Webber on Di Resta
    Best funny moment: I can’t be the only person who enjoyed Vettel getting booed on the podium
    Most surprising result: Lots of things. Especially wasn’t expecting a Kimi win after qualifying. Probably most surprising was the lack of race pace Vettel had.
    Least surprising result: Webber having yet another appalling start. Di Resta whinging as per usual after the race.
    Special mention to: Bianchi, the boy looks quick, and his fastest lap was only half a tenth off Vettel’s best. Just wish Glock was in the second car so we would have a competent yardstick to compare him to. Also Alonso, Sutil on his return and particularly Felipe Massa. I would really love to see Massa keep his form going and win a race or two this year, the car certainly looked capable.
    Race rating: 9/10


    Correction: I put “Not surprised Chilton finished last” but he didn’t – so I’ll change it to “shout out to Chilton for not finishing last!”


    Best Driver: Kimi
    Worst Driver: van der Garde
    Best Team: Ferrari
    Worst Team: Caterham
    Best Overtake: Alonso on Hamilton
    Best Funny-moment: Sutil getting blue flags repeatedly.
    Most Surprising Result: Solid day from Force India, no Red Bull domination
    Least Surprising Result: Caterham well off the pace, Ferrari intentionally botching Massa’s race strategy
    Special Mention to: Sutil, Massa, Alonso, Bianchi
    Race Rating: 9/10


    Best Driver: Bianchi
    Worst Driver: Maldonado
    Best Team: Ferrari
    Worst Team: Mclaren
    Best Overtake:Webber on Di Resta
    Best Funny-moment: Cant remember anything in particular
    Most Surprising Result: Vettel not walking away with it
    Least Surprising Result: Webber not keeping his starting position
    Special Mention to: Sutil, Massa, Rosberg
    Race Rating: 8/10

    Bradley Downton

    Best Driver: Kimi Raikkonen – Drove Fantastically in a car that’s very good on it’s tyres. It takes some work from the driver though, and Kimi did a great job.
    Worst Driver: Pastor Maldonado – A very rookie error. I think his anger got the best of him.
    Best Team: Lotus – Fantastic strategy call.
    Worst Team: Caterham – Have managed to fall behind Marussia.
    Best Overtake: Alonso on Hamilton – Very clinical, and very good of Alonso to see Hamilton locking up and to avoid it.
    Best Funny-moment: Martin Brundle on a whole.
    Most Surprising Result: Kimi Raikkonen winning, Sebastian Vettel not.
    Least Surprising Result: Fernando Alonso & Sebastian Vettel on the podium.
    Special Mention to: Adrian Sutil – Stunning drive, very unlucky. Felipe Massa – The boy is back. Jules Bianchi – I don’t like him, but is there anyone who wasn’t impressed with this kid? To get a Marussia on the back of the midfield and to be a second clear of the other backmarkers is mighty.
    Race Rating: 6/10


    Best Driver: Räikkönen, brilliant & flawless drive
    Worst Driver: Maldonado, nothing positive in his weekend
    Best Team: Ferrari, great drive from both drivers and the car looks great.
    Worst Team: Mclaren, Hamilton must be glad he’s not there anymore
    Best Overtake: Webber on Di Resta
    Best Funny-moment: Force India’s Pit message to Sutil
    Most Surprising result: Räikkönen winning, didn’t really expect that
    Least Surprising Result: Alonso on Podium
    Special Mention to: Massa, Bianchi, Sutil, Alonso
    Race Rating: 8/10. Entertaining race, but not classic.


    Best Driver: Alonso
    Worst Driver: Maldonado
    Best Team: Ferrari
    Worst Team: Caterham
    Best Overtake: Vettel on Sutil
    Best Funny-moment: Sutil’s “pit pit pit eeeehm” team radio
    Most Surprising Result: McLaren
    Least Surprising Result: Vettel
    Special Mention to: Massa, Sutil, Bianchi
    Race Rating: 7/10


    Best Driver: Kimi Raikkonen.
    Worst Driver: Pastor Maldonado.
    Best Team: I was going to say Lotus, but they let Grosjean down big time; so Ferrari.
    Worst Team: Caterham, closely followed by McLaren.
    Best Overtake: Webber on di Resta for being a carbon-fiber copy of Vettel vs Rosberg last year.
    Best Funny-moment: Sutil’s race engineer rapping to him for a pitstop.
    Most Surprising Result: Red Bull. Dominant in qualy, but what happened in the race? Why so slow?
    Least Surprising Result: Alonso on the podium, Ferrari’s race pace.
    Special Mention to: Adrian Sutil.
    Race Rating: 8/10

    Ben Furtula

    Best Driver: Fernando Alonso, Followed by Kimi Raikkonen and then Adrian Sutil.
    Worst Driver: Pastor Maldonado, Followed by Mark Webber in the race.
    Best team: Scuderia Ferrari.
    Worst Team: McLaren, Caterham or Williams.
    Best Overtake: Mark Webber on Paul di Resta.
    Best Funny Moment: Adrian Sutil having the blue flag waved at him while leading the race.
    Most Surprising Moment: Red Bull. Quickest in the morning, One of the slowest in the afternoon.
    Least Surprising Podium: Fernando Alonso on the podium.
    Special Mention: Kimi Raikkonen And Felipe Massa.
    Race Rating: 8/10

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