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    It’s off-season and it’s nothing interesting in current F1 at the moment, and since there isn’t much interesting to discuss regarding 2013, I suggest going back in time a few more years.

    Which was the best race of each year in the 2000’s? Actually, you can go back to whatever year you began watching F1.


    My choices for best race of each season would be the following;

    2000: German Grand Prix, Hockenheim.
    2001: Brazilian Grand Prix, Interlagos.
    2002: Monaco Grand Prix, Monaco.
    2003: Brazilian Grand Prix, Interlagos
    2004: Belgian Grand Prix, Spa
    2005: Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka
    2006: Hungarian Grand Prix, Hungaroring
    2007: German Grand Prix, Nurburgring
    2008: Monaco Grand Prix, Monaco
    2009: Brazilian Grand Prix, Interlagos
    2010: Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne
    2011: Canadian Grand Prix, Montreal
    2012: European Grand Prix, Valencia
    2013: German Grand Prix, Nurburgring

    2000 was a close call because Belgium GP was excellent
    2003 too was a very tough call as the British GP was also very good.
    2010 was a tough call between Canada and Australia.
    2012 was very close between Europe and Brazil.


    Runners up in brackets.
    1998: Belgian Grand Prix (Italian Grand Prix)
    1999: Luxembourg Grand Prix
    2000: German Grand Prix (Japanese Grand Prix)
    2001: Malaysian Grand Prix
    2002: Australian Grand Prix
    2003: Brazilian Grand Prix (Austrian, United States Grand Prix)
    2004: United States Grand Prix (Belgian Grand Prix)
    2005: Japanese Grand Prix (European Grand Prix)
    2006: Chinese Grand Prix (Hungarian Grand Prix)
    2007: Chinese Grand Prix
    2008: Italian Grand Prix (Brazilian, Australian, Monaco, Canadian Grand Prix)
    2009: Brazilian Grand Prix (Australian, Belgian Grand Prix)
    2010: Australian Grand Prix (Korean Grand Prix)
    2011: Monaco Grand Prix (Canadian, Belgian Grand Prix)
    2012: European Grand Prix (Brazilian Grand Prix)
    2013: German Grand Prix (Australian, Bahrain Grand Prix)


    For 1998, Argentina definitely deserves an honorable mention as one of the best races of the season. As for 1999, I think that a good runner-up would have been the French Grand Prix. Great choices nevertheless, @David-A


    I began watching properly in 2003 so I’ll start from there. Runners up in brackets.
    2003: Brazilian GP, still one of my favs, (British GP)
    2004: Belgian GP
    2005: Japanese GP
    2006: Chinese GP (Hungarian GP)
    2007: Japanese GP (European GP)
    2008: Belgian GP before the Red Car Rule was applied, if not then British GP
    2009: Brazilian GP
    2010: Belgian GP (Australian GP and Korean GP)
    2011: Canadian GP (Chinese GP)
    2012: US GP (Malaysian GP and European GP)
    2013: Chinese GP (German GP)
    I hope I’ve haven’t mixed up some of the years.


    Here’s my list:
    2000: Japan (Schumi ending the Ferrari drought in a straight fight)
    2001: Malaysia (Ferrari comeback!)
    2002: Australia (Points for Minardi!!!)
    2003: Britain (That race had everything – including raving lunatic)
    2004: Italy (Another Ferrari comeback!)
    2005: Japan (Duh.)
    2006: China (Schumi’s last win was just epic)
    2007: Canada (Lewis win AND Super Aguri fighting into the points – what’s not to like?)
    2008: Brazil (Hated the ending, but by golly that was a RACE)
    2009: Australia (The way Brawn stunned everyone that weekend)
    2010: Britain (But to be honest, I don’t remember a specific individual race from that year)
    2011: Canada (Rain break or otherwise)
    2012: Europe (Valencia went out in style)
    2013: Monaco (Nico handled that race to perfection)


    2004: Belgium (Italy)
    2005: Japan
    2006: China (Hungarian)
    2007: Canada (Japan)
    2008: Brazil (Spa)
    2009: Belgium (Australia, Brazil) (This was close)
    2010: Canada (Belgium, Australia) (Close between all three).
    2011: China (Canada, Hungary, Germany) (The four best races of the year).
    2012: European (Brazil, China, US, Abu Dhabi). (Valencia wins, but behind it was very close, and Abu Dhabi a bit further behind).
    2013: German (Belgium, Bahrain, China). (None of them were really special. You know a season isn’t good when it’s hard to pick a best race due to there being nothing of note to talk about).

    Top 5 races ever (That I actually watched live):

    5. 2005 Japanese GP
    4. 2011 Chinese GP
    3. 2008 Brazilian GP
    2. 2012 Brazilian GP
    1. 2012 European GP

    The top 2 are so very close, and can be interchanged at will to be honest… Really could be joint 1st.


    2003: Brazil
    2004: Monaco (Trulli fan :) )
    2005: Japan
    2006: Hungary
    2007: Nürburgring
    2008: Brazil
    2009: Australia
    2010: Korea
    2011: Canada
    2012: Valencia
    2013: Germany


    2002: Hungary (my first race!!!) :D
    2003: Brazil
    2004: Belgium
    2005: Japan
    2006: Brazil
    2007: Japan
    2008: Australia
    2009: Brazil
    2010: Singapore
    2011: Germany
    2012: Europe
    2013: Bahrain


    Started watching properly in ’03 so I’ll start from there… other honorable mentions in brackets.

    2003: Britain (Brazil)
    2004: Brazil
    2005: Japan
    2006: China (Hungary)
    2007: Europe (Canada)
    2008: Brazil (Britain)
    2009: Australia
    2010: Canada (Turkey)
    2011: Canada
    2012: Brazil (Europe)
    2013: Britain (Malaysia) (controversial, maybe, but there’s no doubt they were the most memorable races of the year)


    I was only a occasional viewer before 2004 so here’s mine.
    2004: Belgium
    2005: Japan
    2006: Hungary
    2007: Europe
    2008: Brazil
    2009: Australia
    2010: Australia
    2011: Canada
    2012: Brazil
    2013: Bahrain


    Don’t have many vivid memories before 2003:

    2003: Brazil (missed Britain that year) (real WTF? race)
    2004: Monaco (some crazy moments here)
    2005: Japan (San Marino and Europe were both edge-of-seat thrillers as well)
    2006: Hungary (Button winning from 14th)
    2007: Europe (Markus Winkelhock etc)
    2008: Brazil (edge-of-seat stuff!)
    2009: Australia (backmarkers to 1-2 without changing a driver)
    2010: Canada (some genuine passing for the lead)
    2011: Canada (coming down to the final lap after 4+ hours)
    2012: Brazil (had everything!)
    2013: Monaco (a few crazy moments!)


    I’ve been a fan since 1998 so mine are as follows:

    1998: Belgian GP, Spa-Francorchamps – Winner: Damon Hill
    1999: European GP, Nurburgring – Winner: Johnny Herbert
    2000: German GP, Hockenheim – Winner: Rubens Barrichello
    2001: Brazilian GP, Interlagos – Winner: David Coulthard
    2002: Australian GP, Melbourne – Winner: Michael Schumacher
    2003: Brazilian GP, Interlagos – Winner: Giancarlo Fisichella
    2004: Monaco GP, Monte Carlo – Winner: Jarno Trulli
    2005: Japanese GP, Suzuka – Winner: Kimi Raikkonen
    2006: Hungarian GP, Hungaroring – Winner: Jenson Button
    2007: Canadian GP, Montreal – Winner: Lewis Hamilton
    2008: Brazilian GP, Interlagos – Winner: Felipe Massa
    2009: Malaysian GP, Sepang – Winner: Jenson Button (I know this was only half a race, but the half we got was fantastic!)
    2010: Belgian GP, Spa-Francorchamps – Winner: Lewis Hamilton
    2011: Canadian GP, Montreal – Winner: Jenson Button
    2012: European GP, Valencia – Winner: Fernando Alonso
    2013: British GP, Silverstone – Winner: Nico Rosberg

    Just some interesting things I’ve noticed about my favourite races from each season:
    – 10 of the 16 races were rain-affected.
    – From 16 races, there were 13 different winners from 8 different teams.
    – Jenson Button has won my favourite race of the season the most, 3 times. (Lewis Hamilton next on 2).
    – McLaren have won my favourite race of the season the most, 5 times. (Ferrari next on 4).
    – 8 of the 16 races were won by a British driver.

    I find this interesting as I did not pick these races based upon results, but based upon which races I found to be most exciting and/or enjoyable and/or interesting. And yet, maybe subconciously the results DID play a small part in which races I enjoy the most since my favourite driver IS Jenson Button, my favourite team IS McLaren and I AM a Brit!

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