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    Which are, in your opinion, the best seasons in the history of F1?

    Here is my pick for the modern era (80s – present): 85, 86, 90, 99, 03, 10, 12

    Can you please name some?



    Aish Heydrich



    Although, as a Schumi fan I enjoyed his Ferrari years, I’m gonna have to go with:
    ’06, ’07, ’10 and ’12
    but ’13 is playing out to be even better!




    Since I’ve been watching, probably 2012. It had good racing and a great championship battle. A lot of other seasons had one or the other- 2011 had fantastic races, 2010 and 2007 had great WDC battles. 2005 was also pretty good from what I remember.


    Since I’ve been watching the sport (1996 onwards).. these were a few of my favourite seasons ->

    1997 – For an epic battle between Villenueve and Schumacher. Ending with the high drama of Schumacher’s despicable move on Villenueve
    2006 – Great WDC fight between two drivers (Alonso and Schumacher), and despite all the Political infulence used by Ferrari during the year, the better driver came out on top
    2007 – For all the drama between Alonso and Hamilton that season, and Kimis incredible comeback to take the WDC in the last race
    2010 – What an epic season, 4 drivers were in with a shot at the WDC up until the last race.
    2012 – Incredible races throughout the year – 9 different race winners and an epic performance from Alonso

    If I had to choose my top 3 out of them I would say – 2012, 2010, 2007 . Even though my favourite driver lost the title in the last race of all those seasons


    1988- Yes a two horse race in Senna V Prost, but what a battle!!
    2010- My boy Webber and others until the end- a dissapointing end for us Aussies but a great season.
    Last year!! Great year in F1 history- 7 from the first 7 and gained some new F1 fans!!

    I have no doubt there were some equally, if no better seasons in the 50’s & 60’s, but the forum is 80’s and on! In the 70’s there were for sure!!

    And 1986 of course- I still wished Nigel took that one!!


    2008 and 2010 were brilliant, and thankfully I have been able to watch almost all of the races from those years. A good season has to have a good battle for the title I think. 2011 had some brilliant races but that really doesnt make it into one of the “great seasons”.

    Alex Dovey

    2008 was a good year, racing wasn’t technically as dramatic as it is now but there were some great fights between the front drivers. Have only been watching since 2007 so have to be biased towards seasons I’ve actually seen :)


    I’ve been watching F1 since 2002, and this is how I’d rate the eleven seasons I have watched from best to worst.

    1. 2010
    2. 2003
    3. 2008
    4. 2012
    5. 2006
    6. 2007
    7. 2009
    8. 2005
    9. 2004
    10. 2011
    11. 2002


    You thought 2011 was worse than 2004?


    i’ll go for 2007, kinda went off f1 until Hamilton came along and shook things up a bit


    Yes, absolutely.

    Whereas both seasons were dominated by one driver and one team steamrolling both championships. At least the fight behind Ferrari in 2004 was a lot more interesting. We had BAR Honda, Renault, Williams, and McLaren all battling around for podiums and 2nd place in the WCC. The 4 teams behind Ferrari were usually very close and it was difficult to split them most of the time. Button, Sato, Montoya, Ralf, Alonso, Trulli and Raikkonen were all usually very competitive and close to each other.

    Meantime, 2011 was dismal not only for the one-sided domination, but the fact that everything behind was also noncompetitive. It was always Red Bull leading, then McLaren followed by Ferrari, then a big gap to Mercedes, and then an even larger gap to the midfield. This is how the pecking order stayed throughout the entire season, and barely changed. The top 5 was always the same, Vettel, followed by Button, Hamilton, Webber and Alonso in whichever order you’d like.

    Both were boring years in F1, but the best of the rest battle in 2004 was infinitely more interesting than that in 2011. On another note, as you might know, I’m a big Ferrari fan and I despise Red Bull. Therefore, whatever the case may be, Ferrari domination will always be more tolerable than RBR domination.

    James Brickles

    In my view, 2000 was one of the most underrated seasons. Hakkinen vs Schumacher at its absolute best plus a brilliant championship battle between Ferrari and McLaren. More than that though, there was an absolutely titanic midfield battle between Williams, Benetton, BAR, Jordan, Jaguar, Sauber and Arrows. I would like to have witnessed that season today.

    2003 was the first year I watched, and what a fantastic one it was. 3 different drivers from 3 different teams in contention until the end (Well, not quite the end in Montoya’s case).

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