Drivers new years party

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    I luckily managed to scribe this down on a bit of scrap paper as i overheard a conversation that was most compelling.

    Lucky to get this guys so cherish every syllable

    Lewis is talking with domenicali

    Dom: so lewis i was quite impressed this season

    Lew: thanks mate

    Dom: yes fernando was saying something interesting yesterday, ill go get him

    Lew: no no you..

    Dom: ere he is my boy fernando

    Alo: hi.

    Lew: hi.

    Domenicalis phone rings and he exits

    Lew: so what have you got planned for 2011

    Alo: i plan to win again

    Lew: again? You have won 0 wdcs since i arrived

    Alo: me 2nd. You 4th

    Lew: i must say, you are a master tactician fernando

    Alo: thank you

    Lew: whining constantly at your team to move massa aside was a masterstroke

    Alo: there were no team orders

    Argument continues

    Jenson overhears and joins the pair

    Jen: alright lewis

    Lew: sod off jenson, were talking driving

    Alo: so rude to your teammate

    Lew: thats rich

    Jen: dont worry alonso hes just jealous

    Lew: of what

    Jen: my life

    Lew: jenson ive tried to be nice, but ill be honest, your shlitr dryvrrrrer

    Jen: what, you mumbled at the end

    Lewis collapses

    Jen: what

    Alo: he chokes under pressure, it is natural for him

    Lew: what happened in abu dhabi 2010 fanando?

    Alo: i have fun time with tu girlfriend

    Lew: hey!

    Whi: calm down!

    Whitmarsh runs to the scene

    Whi: get up

    Alo: i did nothing.

    Whi: youre lucky i dont tell stefano about you

    Lew: cheers

    Whi: come on, lets go, i dont want my star driver hurt

    Lew: i gotta keep safe. Jen: nah i musnt get hurt

    Lew: what the hell jenson how can you even call yourself half decent

    Whi: i was in fact talking to jenson

    Lew: what!!!!

    Whi: i like an old style british driver

    Lew: racism

    Because lewis is hurt, jenson drives them home.

    He goes so slowly and easy on his tyres that they have to take a right turn at chiswick and head for bahrain to guarantee prompt arrival.


    That was brilliant, if only they did a sketch…




    I thought so


    Lmao very entertaining :)


    Like to see others do more of these, i feel i could do a better one


    Feel free to comment

    Stephen Jones

    its good.. everyones too nervous to follow in your footsteps!



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