Drivers whose championship year wasn’t their best

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    Going back a little bit, Prost would be another candidate. His performances in 1990 were I feel better than in his championship years and he was denied the championship at the last. He also had some strong performances in 1982/3, which could easily have merited a championship had he had the reliability.


    Hard to say whether it was better than his chamionship years, but senna drove amazingly in 1993 to hold his own against the technical might of the wlliamses. He drove great in kyalami to hold off prost for many laps and he absolutley decimated the oppositionat donnington in the wet. He also won in Adelaide that year to finish off the season.


    Arguably Vettel, if we had this thread last year. 2010 is arguably his worst F1 season to date


    I can’t decide if I agree with Button or not. His first 7 races in 09 were incredible, and he had another two podiums later on. He did lose a lot of ground to Barrichello in quali, and that was a weakness that seemed strange at the time as he’d always struck me as a great qualifier until GB 09 onwards. But I’m not sure if his race performances were weak- he was hampered by a car that couldn’t be developed at the rate of just about every other team, and in the mid-season the grid was swamped by a large number of winners and potential winners. In 11 he had the benefit of a consistantly quick car, and his results were certainly more consistent, getting more podiums that season that 09 and 04, but whether that was car dependant I don’t know. Another argument is that in 09 he didn’t even get as many podiums as in 04, which was anpther often forgotten great season for him.

    I don’t know about Kimi- he was very good in 07, not sure if he was better in 05 or 03.

    I agree with Hamilton being better in 07.


    I’d say Hamilton in 2008, maybe Schumacher in 1994, I think Jacques Villuenueve wasn’t his best in ’97.


    I agree with TommyB about Kimi.
    Even though he won his WDC with Ferrari, his performances in the McLaren are more memorable.
    I’d also say Hakkinen in ’99.
    The McLaren was still the better car and Hakkinen would probably not have won if Schumacher had not broken his leg.
    I would say Schumi outperformed him in a slightly lesser car up until the point he broke his leg.


    @keeleyobsessed – Alonso in 2010? Don’t think so. If Alonso had driven as well in 2010 as he did in 2011 he would have won the title, he made a lot of errors at the start of the season, was handed three wins by Vettel retiring or having problems and the obvious debacle in Germany. I would argue 2011 was as well as he’s ever driven.

    Hamilton will never have a better season than ’07 unless he does what Vettel did this year (and I don’t see that happening, he makes too many mistakes). Even though he muffed up the last two races to do that as a rookie was absolutely sensational.

    Hakkinen in ’99 is a definite, he only finished two points in front of Irvine and crashed out in Imola and Monza while leading. If Michael hadn’t broken his leg I couldn’t see Mika winning.

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