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    So what F1 presents did you get? :)


    Got F1 2009 review :) the best year with a worthy Champion :D


    F1 2010 Review DVD :)

    F1 2010 Book Review :)

    Mclaren-Mercedes Official Race and Year Calender 2011 :)

    Ferrari Cap :( (Wanted Mclaren one but oh well…..) :D

    Just finished watching the DVD review and before I get a wink tonight I wish to read some of the Book Review. :D


    I too got the 2010 Season Review DVD – I know how I’ll be spending my Boxing Day… plus the now traditional McLaren calendar. I also got Gran Turismo 5 (does this count)? :D However my main present was a Kindle, which most importantly means I can acess F1 Fanatic and the forum from anywhere and everywhere!


    I got the 2010 season review and a book on the way from the lady :D

    Great DVD. Yet to explore the extras.


    Ferrari sunglasses, Ferrari perfume. =D


    Well my family has well and truly twigged that I like F1 presents, i got

    – 2010 F1 Season Review

    – Unlap t-shirt with Kamui Kobyashi shouting “Leeroy Jenkins”

    – Unlap Fernando Alonso key-ring

    – Richard Williams’ book “The Death of Ayrton Senna”

    – Charles Jennings’ book “Burning Rubber”

    and I also got the Isle of Man TT 2010 Review DVD

    plenty to keep me busy then…

    Ned Flanders

    I was expecting the season review DVD- I bought it myself off Amazon and let Mammy do the wrapping up- but to my horror, on awakening this morning, I discovered it was not there.

    Whether my Mam has managed to misplace it or Amazon just didn’t send it, I’m not sure. But I did get a 2010 WRC DVD review which seems pretty good, I don’t really follow rallying but the footage is amazing


    Ned, It could be that the Snow stopped the delivery to your home it really depends where you are in the UK.

    Stephen Jones

    i got mark webbers official book..

    its pretty good, lots of photos, and little snippets of information. There is only one small sentence hidden in a paragraph about suzuka about his bike crash, so i’m surprised everybody jumped at it


    F1 2010 Book Review

    2010 Renault Showcar Kubica 1:18

    2009 Mclaren Showcar Kovalianen 1:18

    Mclaren Calender, which is an every year gift

    Mclaren Flag

    Victory T-shirt

    General Team Shirt


    Basically a lot of F1 Stuff.


    Encyclopaedia of F1, covers every season, tons of drivers and every track ever to be involved in F1. (Alan Stacey was killed by hitting a bird?!!)

    A signed Michael Schumacher framed certificate (I nearly cried when I saw this)

    Mercedes Henri Lloyd Jacket

    Mercedes Cap

    Mubadala Ferrari Cap

    I feel so fortunate, I got an iPad too, but that was a crap present compared to what’s on my wall right now. =)


    A formula 1 branded gift-set pack (generally just toiletries… shame I’ll probly never be able to bring myself to use it)

    A schumi car window sticker… I’ll probably have to wait till I buy a Skoda Fabia in a year or so time… my current peugeot just doesnt feel worthy of such a sticker.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I didn’t get anything. But then, I haven’t gotten anything F1-related since I was about eleven. But I don’t mind – my family tend to give each other more practical gifts; birthdays are when we give each other more-personal ones. I did, however, get an awesome WRITER shirt from the TV show “Castle”.


    – F1 2010 Book review

    – F1 2010 for my new XBOX

    – Book about the rise of Ferrari in F1

    – Encyclopedia of F1

    – Subscription to F1 Racing

    – Ferrari 2011 calendar

    – Signed Robert Kubica print

    – Signed Fernando Alonso print

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