F1's best No.2?

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    F1 teams have a history of having a preferred No. 1 and No.2 driver, its pretty evident in both top teams now.

    Kimi seems to be the best of them in the past few years (which I don’t like to see him playing that role) but who is the best No.2 driver playing wingman of all time?

    Many will ring a bell (I am thinking Schumi years at Ferrari) but who was the best at playing their role at No.2?

    My pick is Gerhard Berger at McLaren to Ayrton.


    There many, Bottas has done good recently, Massa did well alongside Raikkonen back in 2007 though that wasn’t full number 2. Berger was in the unfortunate position where he was a fast driver but up against one of the greats. Ronnie Peterson in 1978 was a great example though tragically he never saw out the season.

    I would say Peter Collins to Fangio back in 1957 though, simply because of his sportsmanship in the final race


    There is the obvious pick with Piquet Jr. He is definitely the ultimate nr2, as committed as any but not belonging to F1.

    One could argue that the best n°2 is pushing and challenging n°1 so that they both extract the most out of the car and increase overall result for the team AND individuals. But then he’s not labeled as n°2 anymore.

    Ben Needham

    It depends how you define a No. 2 driver, and it also depends on how you define ‘best’! Either way, I think you could make a good argument for Rubens Barrichello. While he was driving the Ferrari, his team won the WCC and WDC double five times running, which is no mean feat. Schumacher rightly gets the credit, but Barrichello accepted his role fairly gracefully and chipped in with wins and points wherever Schumacher dropped the ball.


    Collins to Fangio in 1957? Triple points to you my friend for that- F1 Awesomeness (Is that a real word? lol)

    I am not sure on the rules back then, maybe some of the older F1F’s can chip in, but Sir Stirling Moss is granted the greatest driver never to win a WDC, but if what I read is correct he pitted his car at Spa to give his car to Mike Hawthorn to win the Title. Gentlemen F1 racers………….

    Thomas Bennett

    Probably Ricciardo in 2014 for beating the man who had won the last 4 titles. And before you ask, he was the successor to Webber and most people expected Ricciardo to get trampled on.

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