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    With the 2013 F1 season soon to get underway, after a long, desperate and dry off-season I am doing anything to keep myself amused for the next week.

    So, with 2012 being such a hyped up and exciting year in F1, what has been your favorite season in your time of watching F1?

    I’ve been an F1 fan since 2002. In recent memory, 2012, 2010 and 2008 have all been classics.
    However, my favorite season is to this day still 2003. We had a three way battle for the WDC between Schumi, Kimi and JMP; and a three way battle for the WCC b/w Ferrari, Williams and McLaren. There were many classic races such as Australia, Brazil, Great Britain, USA and Japan. Genuinely, it was an exciting year in every way.

    What is your favorite year in F1?


    Has to be 09 for me. I was such a button and Honda fan for 07 and 08 and was so upset by the thought of him and rubens not racing that everyone was consolidating me that they were out during the winter. I always admired button more than Ham – i think because Ham had a decent car from the off and loads of my mates (who were not f1 fans) suddenly were supporting Ham because a British guy was suddenly getting podiums in 07 and 08, and i always thought just give Button a car and lets see. His loyalty to Brawn and co over the winter instead of going to a lower team meant he trusted them and their promise of securing the team and a car good enough. I did not miss 1 second of that season and remember his win and how emotional i got from Melbourne (in fact i still remember that quali session!) and when he clinched it at Brazil….just wow… I will always remember that and as a result i find myself valuing loyalty a lot more in my life!


    For me 2000 was the best year.
    Watching a beautiful Ferrari vs Mclaren and Schumi Vs Mika was incredible. The two best cars in history driven by two best drivers in the grid…
    Those years were years of true racing. I miss a lot that period when racing was difficult.
    Now everything is artificial…artificial overtaking, artificial tyre consumption, cars based only on aerodynamic, engine dead, artificial strategy (in reality there is no strategy), artificial cars…and we end up with a artificial championship.
    2011 and 2012 are the worst years that i ever saw in formula 1.

    In those years we had: Mercedes, Ferrari, Honda, BMW, Toyota….racing each other.
    Now we have: Red Bull, Coca cola, Monster…and in the future Pepsi, Fanta, Sprite…

    For me personally it’s a waste of talent that Alonso and Hamilton drive in these artificial championships.

    Nic Morley

    ^ I agree with that

    Bring back V10’s
    Get rid of KERS and DRS
    Replace deliberate weak Pireli’s, with the old Bridgestones
    Bring back driver’s with personality’s and true sportsmen; Ear ring tattoo wannabe rapper Hamilton, and sooky cry baby Vettel who just happen to be one of the best two driver’s on the grid is just sad.
    Classic tracks such as Imola, A1 Ring, Magny Cours should return! Now every new track we get (seems to be very year or so) is a Tilkedrome.
    Nice looking cars!

    My opinion is that sadly F1 just is not what it use to be. Though maybe the ‘old F1’ is just what I prefer, and that many others are loving the new era as you might say.

    Funnily enough my favorite was 2010:P


    1987, even though Red 5 didn’t win it. It was my first full year to follow.
    Still have newspaper clippings somewhere!


    Not to be a total buzz-killer here, but this is not a nostalgia thread; it’s a topic about your favorite F1 season.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    2012 was definately a favourite. Valencia and Abu Dhabi actually managed to produce good races, which says a lot for the quality of the rest of the season.

    2010 was another favourite. We had a season-long championship fight that ended with a new champion, some good, hard-fought racing in the midfield, and Robert Kubica. It was really a prototype for 2012.


    2003 was brilliant a season it was really good. Kimi should have won.


    From a bias Schumi fan perspective, I loved 2000-2002. Those years were just beautiful for me. :)

    From a more objective perspective, 2009-2012 have all been awesome. They featured new characters and some good close racing (although DRS does take a bit of the shine off it).


    2010 and 2012 were great years, in general I think the seasons 2009-2013 will be seen as a second ‘golden era of Formula 1’ in the future. But for me personally, 2008 must be my favorite season. Up until then I was following F1 casually, but after the season finale I started following the sport more closely.


    Since I started watching: 1992, 1996, 1998, 2003, 2008, 2012. Devoid of all nostalgia as per @kingshark ‘s request. :p


    2012, 2008 and 2007 for me (been following the sport since around 2003 or 2004)

    2007 and 2008 both had very interesting championship battles and some great races but 2012 was just too damn great to be ignored. I can’t remember any season that had as high percentage of exciting and fun races really.

    2013 will probably be very good too.


    2012 was epic looking forward to some big surprises in 2013!


    Easy- 1988, Senna’s first Championship. Utterly dominated by McLaren (15 from 16) and may have not have been great for non Senna/Prost/McLaren fans, but the intensity & rivarly between the two was imense (and unfortunatley lead to the split over in 1989) and I dont think this rivalry has been seen before or since.

    A post said that guys like Senna & Schumacher hassled the engineers for info and Prost would play golf- a change in the character of the ‘new age’ drivers- basically a dig at them doing the 1%ers to be better than the other drivers. Senna took the professional driver to a new level never seen before, and The Schu took it to the next level again.

    I loved 1988 and suspect Prost’s golf handicap blew out a few strokes towards the end of the season when he could no longer rely on raw talent alone and was forced to become a “professional Formula One Driver” even after being a 2 x WDC!!


    sbl on tour


    82, went to 4 gps, belgium, montecarlo, hockenheim and austria
    only thing was wattie didnt go on to win

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