Have you tried to write to FIA about Abu Double?

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    Reading a comment about “boycotting” the last race, I think that is quite impossible. So, what about official forms to say what we think about it? here the links


    I honestly don’t know how much they will care about it, but we can at least make a clear point about what we think, and please, if you write, keep it politely. Bulk words won’t help us.


    Why do you think that boycotting it won’t work?


    In the UK at least only 5000 representative households have their TVs monitored. All viewing figures are extrapolated from that. So not watching the race won’t impact the figures at all unless you have a recording device (you would know about this if you had it).

    Giving the impression of a boycott is a separate thing, which maybe could work- making promoters, sponsors etc. think that you and loads of people will turn off. Of course in that case it doesn’t matter if you do watch it or not in the end, as nobody actually knows either way.

    Whether things are the same in other countries I do not know.


    @mazdachris because we (or at least I) can’t buy a ticket to Abu Dhabi GP, I don’t have a rating device plugged to my TV, so if thousands as me don’t watch the race, it won’t work. So I recommend you to try a message in the links above. Thanks for the interest.

    Djangles LeVaughn

    Unless your coffers are big enough the FIA won’t pay any attention.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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