Hulkenberg to Lotus?

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    Sky Deutschland is talking rumors of Hülkenberg having terminated his contract at Sauber for 2014 and talking to Lotus, which would indicate either Kimi at RBR (which I find very likely) or Grosjean out.
    There are also rumors of him talking to Ferrari this weekend, for Massa’s seat. After the drivers parade, he was seen involved in deep conversation with Fernando Alonso…


    Neither one would surprise me, it’s about time he got into a top seat and he could fit either of those pretty well.

    R.J. O’Connell

    Wasn’t Hulkenberg to Red Bull a hot rumor for a while as well?

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I wouldn’t read too much into it. Hulkenberg’s move to Sauber was touted as being a major step forward for him. Since it’s proven to be a major step backwards, people are looking for ways to get him out of the C32 and into a car that is better-suited to him. If he weren’t driving an oil tanker, there would be no rumours.


    @prisoner-monkeys Were you always a groucho like this?

    Prisoner Monkeys

    @wsrgo – No, just unwilling to put my faith in rumours. I see no reason why I should believe this rumour any mroe than I should have believed the rumour that Heikki Kovalainen was going to replace one of the Caterham drivers for the Nurburgring.


    @prisoner-monkeys Isn’t it just good to wish and fantasise at times? Anyway I personally think that Hulk to Lotus rumours have more credibilty than Heikki replacing VDG.


    Given that Sauber can’t afford to pay his salary and he has basically ended his contract with them, allowing himself the option of driving for another team asap I’d say its pretty certain he’d be at least talking with the teams.


    I’d say Ferrari is still Hulk’s most likely destination, but Lotus is also a good option. That said, I think he’ll replace Kimi rather than Romain. If Romain were to leave, I expect a French driver (or a Total-sponsored driver anyway) to replace him.


    I think Hulk is a good bet for a Ferrari seat which is looking increasingly likely to open up for next season. During Sky’s broadcast over the weekend someone mentioned Lotus were looking at JEV for next year.

    Alex green

    Paul di Resta to lotus is also a possibility ive heard


    If this turns out to be true it’s still a very risky move for Hülkenberg (or any other driver currently in the midfield). There’s absolutely no guarantee that Lotus (who is still without a title sponsor and losing key personnel) has any chance of developing a top car for next year.

    Would be kind of funny if Hülkenberg (a very good driver without a doubt – future WDC material perhaps even) made a second sideways team change within two years.


    I would really like to see Nico H. in a good car. There’s not much glory to be won in this year’s Sauber, but he’s been pretty consistent nonetheless. I think by this time he has the prerequisite experience for a Ferrari drive, but a Lotus should be a decent step up, too.

    Antonio Nartea

    Hulkenberg would be crazy not to try and jump ship in 2014. Sauber is in a bit of trouble at the moment and I don’t think his salary is as much of an issue as being able to develop a decent car for next year. If financial issues were the main reason he switched from Force India at the end of 2012, he simply has to do the same thing next year…

    As for where he might go, there’s simply no point in speculating at the moment, since we don’t really know what’s happening at Ferrari and Lotus next year. At this point Raikkonen might or might not move to Red Bull, Massa might or might not get replaced and Grosjean might or might not get the sack. We know nothing for sure yet. That’s either one, two or three seats available (or even none at all) with at least four drivers that could fill them up: Maldonado (to Lotus), Bianchi (to Ferrari), Hulkenberg (to either of them) and Di Resta (who could be talking as well to both teams). Nevermind Valsecchi, Kobayashi or Kovalainen (and other drivers currently on the sidelines who will be reactivating their managers for the job) and guys like Sutil or Bottas who will definitely post a bid for one of those places, if they end up vacant.

    It’s gonna be a long shortlist for those seats…

    Lucas Wilson

    Man, I can’t believe that this guy isn’t in a top seat yet. Take his great pole in Abu Dhabi in 2010, he wasn’t in the fastest car, it was just pure, raw talent. He has spent the past couple of years in almost every single mid-field team. Its time that he got into a top seat and show his great driving ability.

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