Kamui Kobayashi in 2013

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    Ben Furtula

    Where will Kamui Kobayashi go? The only spots left on the 2013 grid are:
    1. Lotus possibly replacing Romain Grosjean
    2. Marrussia replacing Charles Pic
    3. Caterham possibly replacing Heikki Kovalianen or Vitaly Petrov
    4. Force India


    I don’t think so, but I have a feeling that he will go to Lotus.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    … Based on what, exactly?

    Ben Needham

    If those are your four options then I see nowhere for him!

    1. I don’t see why Lotus would replace a fast driver prone to incident with another, slightly older fast driver prone to incident!
    2. I’m 90% confident Marussia are going to sign Max Chilton
    3. Bruno Senna is tipped for Caterham
    4. I expect one of Bianchi/Sutil/Alguersuari at Force India.

    As much as I’d love KK to stay, I think Sauber was his last chance…

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Bruno Senna is tipped for Caterham

    So are Vitaly Petrov and Giedo van der Garde. The talk of Senna going there was started by Senna’s management.


    I think some of you will hate me for the sentences i will write now.

    Bruno Senna had enough possibilities to show that he is a good driver. But every time he showed that he is not a top driver. This year he was beaten by Maldonado. I think the Sponsors should stop buying him a cockpit.
    To Kobayashi: In Q he was often faster than Perez. Perez looked good this season due to the tyre gambling. He demonstrated that he is a good driver in many races. It would be a shame if he will not get a cockpit for next year.
    I think Lotus will rethink their decision to keep Grosjean. He caught my eye more with his bad races than with his good races.;)


    If I may make a bold prediction: If Kobayashi fails to secure a race seat, which is looking increasingly likely, he could well end up testing tyres for Pirelli, replacing Jaime Alguersuari, who is rumoured to be heading for Force India. Kobayashi could also take the “Hakkinen Route” – become a test driver at one of the frontrunning teams, and eventually be promoted back to a race seat.


    @Keith Collantine you should look at this one. I made a topic exactly like this a month ago.


    Kobayashi in Lotus doesn’t sound bad. If they would team him up with Ayao Komatsu, think how good their relations and understanding would be, they’re both Japanese.

    Ben Furtula

    Yeah but is Ayao Komatsu as good as the 2007 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen?
    Umm…. I don’t think so.


    @Ben Furtula Ayao Komatsu is a race engineer for god sake!

    Gabriel Fernando

    It is very strange to see that Lotus is speding a lot of time choose the second driver, something tells me that Gorsjean won’t be there next year.

    Ben Furtula

    @TheJudge oh…. Well in that case…… That would be a great matchup.


    Exciting news!


    Alguersuari’s doing BBC radio commentary again, according to this:
    BBC Sport – Formula 1 on the BBC (look under “Radio”)

    Don’t know if that’s official or just careless speculation on the BBC site (surely not…) – or whether he’s carrying on Pirelli testing. Their previous tester Lucas di Grassi seems to be racing Audis full-time now, though.

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