Lewis Hamilton sees fight with Fernando Alonso as new 'Senna v Prost'

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    Not seen this one linked on the blog side of this wonderful site, but from The Guardian (where ive found it) and wondered what everyone else thought of it. Lewis says that he thinks his rivalry between him and Alonso could be the new Senna vs Prost, casting himself as the Brazilian legand and Alonso as the The Professor. Its probably not a million miles away from what most of us would say about who he thinks each is most similar to, given their different styles. I think F1 needs 2 or more drivers being rivals, it spices things up and is another factor that can make races more intense.

    He also makes 1 other comment, less flattering perhaps, about who Vettel could be if this was the late ’80s. Quoting from the article,

    “But is not Vettel his true nemesis now? “I don’t think so. If he continues to have a car like he does now then, maybe, but I think when we get equal pace then we will see some serious racing. Maybe he [Vettel] is the new Mansell? Not that I would rate him like I do Mansell.” Ouch.”



    He might be right, if Prost and Senna fought out who gets to be second behind someone else.

    Nic Morley

    Hamilton once again making another stupid comment. I don’t like the way of our he compares himself with Senna. I admire his racing skill, but seriously when the guy talk’s…


    He just wants more drama in his life. Hamilton vs. Alonso is Hamilton vs. Alonso, not Senna vs. Prost. They have different reasons for their rivalry, and its no where near as intense as the rivalry Between Senna and Prost. And as was mentioned above, Senna and Prost never fought for second behind someone….


    And it will always Fernando (Prost) who has more titles than Hamilton (Senna).


    oh heres the article btw


    ment to put that in originally ;)


    Erm, no. Just no.

    There are just so many talented drivers on the grid, that using the Senna v. Prost comparison does not do justice to others.


    Comparing himself to either of them sounds a little big headed to me. He really shouldn’t be making those kind of comparisons. Let people appreciate you for who you are Hamilton.

    Alonso strikes me as the better drive anyway ;)


    Give it a break guys, I’m not a Hamilton fanboy but he’s clearly just having a laugh with this. He’s a massive Senna fan, his fandom is childlike and he’s just being sentimental, having a bit of fun. Honestly do you really think he’s talking to the interviewer in a serious tone saying ‘yeah, I think i’d be Senna, because i’m just as good as him.’ Have some common sense.


    Their rivalry has already echoed Senna and Prost. Senna, the young hotshot, became Ron Dennis’ darling and pushed Prost out of the team, who then went to Ferrari and brought them out of the doldrums.

    Shows at heart Lewis is still like a little kid, living the dream of F1. He idolised Senna and now is driving for his team in a similar role (not to mention the driving style). It shows a fun, innocent side.


    Yes, he is a little boy, apparently. As he does seem rather butthurt about the Red Bull being such a fast car and all.


    I agree with Electrolite, these comments aren’t to be taken too seriously.

    And besides, Vettel is there, looking as if he can dominate everyone like the M. Schumacher of 10 years ago :P


    strange, i’ve never heard alonso speak of any antagonism between the two. it’s always the press. maybe hamilton is believing his own hype.

    Ned Flanders

    I like Hamilton but this does seem like a pretty arrogant thing to say. And I can’t believe he’s been so publicly scathing of Vettel. I think most of us would agree that Alonso, Hamilton and Vettel are the big 3 of modern F1, but for the drivers themselves to say it is a bit of a no-no


    If one actually reads the entire article, Hamilton never says he thinks he is Senna, nor that he thinks he is as good as Senna. Give it a rest guys.

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