McLaren claim they had fastest car towards end of 2011


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    new McLaren tomorrow!!

    As long as they don’t withdraw the new car later in the day.



    That made me laugh. If there was a forum post of the day, you’d get my nomination!


    It’s a kind of no win situation, they either accept Seb is better or the RB7 was better.
    I wonder which way Ron would sooner have it.



    Is it really likely that Mclaren have the power to have an article they don’t like removed just like that for no other reason then they didn’t like it? Surely they could only force an article to be removed if it was factually incorrect?

    They don’t have to legally force the site/s to take it down. Surely one of the top three teams in F1 has some clout with journo’s, for good or bad? To misquote Seinfeld:

    “No scoop for you!” :D


    Oh, and forgot to say – it seems most likely to me that McLaren have claimed there are misquotes present in the article. That would surely make the websites take the story down voluntarily, for fear of being accused of terrible journalism. Pulling an article should probably be explained to the readership though….


    @Toby Bushby

    I agree.


    I asked Jon Noble on Twitter about the article, and his reply was:

    all i can say is that there was a request to remove it. That is all I can say I’m afraid


    I read this article, I’m not sure where or how I read it but I didn’t think it was exactly the kind of thing that McLaren would put out so it is no surprise that it was taken down. It was a bit too blunt and to the point and no PR shizzle in there. Maybe that’s why.

Viewing 8 posts - 46 through 53 (of 53 total)
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