Mclaren Competiton: Design Overalls for Lewis and Jenson!

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    Coinciding with the launch of their new website, Mclaren along with clothing artner Hugo Boss, are offering YOU the chance to design Race Overalls for world champion drivers Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton.

    As far as I understand there are national competitions – only open to natives – and the winning design will be worn at that nation’s GP for the Free Practice, and Qualifying session on the Saturday.

    And for Abu Dhabi an overall winner will be decided, this design will be used over the whole weekend by Lewis and Jenson. The winner also gets to keep his race worn winning design – not bad, the value will be astronomical if Hamilton or Button taes the title – not that it’s something you’d sell!!


    Have fun designing!

    Master firelee

    Have you seen the one they’ve picked for turkey, thats not the best looking overals ive seen but how do u enter becuase it says to me that it starts in 15 days for the uk.

    this is the overals chosen for turkey.



    These are the first 3 designed by a national of the next 3 respective GPs: Turkey, Spain and Monaco!

    I like the Gaudi detail on the Spain (Catalonia!) one.


    Ned Flanders

    This is a very unusual idea from McLaren, but I like it. Most of the designs look a bit weird but it’s a great novelty, and I love the fact they’re actually variating their colours through the season


    I love the idea. My one quibble is with whomever thought red, white and blue would be a great choice for the Canadian race. Regional politics fail!

    Are there any McLaren anniversaries coming up? It would be awesome to see them in the old Marlboro livery, like when Renault went retro a few years back for one race.


    Some of the designed people submitted are woeful! I quite liked the ones they sued in Aus, the concentric circles design was pretty cool, nice and subtle.


    Who on earth is judging this? 99% of what’s on there is completely awful.


    I’d love it if someone could design a retro one. I lack any art skills :(

    Dan Thorn

    Someone submit Red Bull style overalls for Jenson…


    Hi could someone tell me how to access the actual designing part of this comp? I can get to the websote and see all the stuff to go with it but theres no actual designing software part = help please!!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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