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    If you had to name just one race as your favourite of all time, which would it be? You can only pick one!

    While I loved Monaco 1996 and European GP 1999, I have to go for Brazil 2008. A race that you were glued to the screen from start to finish – unpredictable and exciting, you couldn’t have written a more thrilling ending.

    And the post race celebrations were pretty amazing! Any thoughts?


    I agree that it was pretty surreal. But, for me, it wasn’t a happy ending. And it’s MY best race I have to nominate, so…

    I’d go for Suzuka 2005.

    I have many favourites, such as Hungaroring 1998, Monaco 2004, Interlagos 2006, Montreal 2011, and the three awesome races this year (and I would love to see a couple of classics, such as Monza 1967, Nürburgring 1968?, Estoril 1984, etc.), but to me it was the sheer, this time happy ending, surreality of Suzuka 2005 that the crescendo of that race built up to that was the best example of what defines the purest raw racing. I never got closer to not believing my eyes than that day when Räikkönen just kept getting faster and eventually pulled off what he did there. It was an awesome achievement. A truly wonderful one.


    Spa 1998, epic.


    2011 Le Mans. Limiting myself to F1, I’d agree with 2005 Suzuka.


    Brazil 2008 for me but suzuka 05 was really good and Canada 2011 and Bahrain this year. Some of the classics were good too

    Steven Smith

    Limiting my choices only to races where I was lucky enough to actually be there watching, I’d have to say Donnington 1993 and that drive in the rain from Senna.
    Canada 2007 for the first ever Hamilton win, four safety car periods, and that monster crash of Robert Kubicas that happened right in front of my grandstand. I thought I’d seen a fatality, but was pleasantly amazed to hear good news just a couple of hours later.
    Finally, Brazil 2012. Where it looked like Vettel had spun out and lost his World Title on lap one. But came back through the pack and did just enough as Jenson won behind the Safety Car after Di Resta crashed on the last corner.


    I think that the 2014 V8 supercars Bathurst 1000 was the best race ive ever seen and i doubt it will be topped, looking through the highlights it was the craziest race that you could possibly write the script for. The race winner started from dead last on the grid, had to get towed out of the tyre barrier during the race passed the car who started second last on the grid halfway around the last lap. Second place had to be pulled out of the tyre barriers twice and still came second.

    Ivan Vinitskyy

    Has to be 2008 Brazil for me too. In fact 2008 was the first F1 year for me. I guess that race got me addicted to F1 so much.


    1. Suzuka 1994
    2. Bahrain 2014
    3. Suzuka 2000


    The next one.

    Ivan Vinitskyy

    Just watched that Bathurst highlights video and it’s pretty impressive. Got to watch next year.


    Bathurst 2014 looked incredible, I agree I would love to see it too!

    Just wanted to add some Bathurst footage too, from the 1987 Bathurst race. This was the year there was a massive rainstorm one hour from the end, and chaos ensued! Here is Parts 1 and 2 of the rainy bits (love the bit at 3m 10s on Pt 1, where the lap charters struggle to keep their papers from flying away!)

    Pt 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtcKpMEibQA

    Pt 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6suRcJgGLw


    Every year has had its few classics.

    2002: France and Great Britain
    2003: Australia, Brazil, Great Britain and United States
    2004: Belgium and Brazil
    2005: Australia, San Marino and Japan
    2006: San Marino, Hungary, China and Brazil
    2007: Canada, Europe, Japan and China
    2008: Monaco, Great Britain, Italy and Brazil
    2009: Australia, Malaysia, China and Brazil
    2010: Australia, China, Canada, Turkey and Korea
    2011: China, Canada, Germany and Hungary
    2012: Malaysia, Europe, Abu Dhabi, United States and Brazil
    2013: Malaysia, Great Britain and Germany
    2014: Bahrain, Canada, Great Britain and Hungary


    On the Bathurst 2014 topic.

    I do plan to watch the whole 8 hours of it some time in January, I’ve heard it was as epic as it gets.

    (And, as such, I won’t watch the highlights above. I’ve already seen one of the last restarts and the final lap though.)

    George O’Donnell

    2005 Japanese Grand Prix was such a good race from start to finish so I’d have to choose that. However I’d have to give honorable shout outs to 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix and 1999 European Grand Prix for being very entertaining.

    The best race I’ve ever attended was 2012 European Grand Prix because the emotion around the track was electric. It was my second ever Grand Prix but it was the first race I ever attended after I had started working and paying out of my own pocket, so that made it special.

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