Vettel and DRS

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    If you can not understand that someone would be uneasy with that, and if you choose not to read the news articles where Red Bull has stated their concern, you are just willingly blind because god forbid you say something positive about someone.

    Sorry, but Vettel has nothing to complain about. He has no credible reason to believe that he will retire from the race this weekend and that Alonso will win the title because of it.

    In the end, he’s just moaning because he lost the lead of the race, and he took it out on Karthikeyan for holding him up (but Hamilton watch catching him and it seemed like only a matter of time before he passed the Red Bull anyway). It’s nothing more than being a sore loser.


    You’re good talking in generalizations, but in all those words, you have yet to give a credible explanation how having alternator and KERS problems all year, including the very last race, is no credible reason.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Because Vettel’s wording in the message suggests his championship campaign is over, and that there is nothing he can do to be champion – which isn’t in the least bit true.


    It was an odd thing too say, I still believe that Redbull have benefited over the last few years from the use of DRS in Qualifying. That is not to say that SV hasn’t driven the wheels off the thing in Quali but the Redbull has in general generated more ‘natural’ downforce than the other cars which enables them to get on the DRS earlier than other teams and even been able to use it through the odd corner where other cars could not. I am fairly sure this is also why there has been such a discrepancy between qualifying and race pace throughout the field.

    Again, that is not to take away from the job SV or Redbull have done, but we will see a much closer grid next year and more cars able to fight for pole without it.

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Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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