Video: Fernando Alonso 2013

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    Benjamin Allison

    Hello All,
    I made an Alonso video Yesterday, and would appreciate if you would all watch it! :)


    I’d like to make a few more videos over the course of this F1 season, so please tell me what you think about it, and what changes/improvements you’d like to see for future videos!


    Aish Heydrich

    Needs more Vettel.
    No, just kidding. It’s great but you compiled all the wrong footage of Kimi.
    No. Seriously. I think it lacks the colour blue.
    Ok, I’m sorry, seriously seriously, very nice video. Very classy music too, I loved the tune, goes well with Alo’s class. You got all the right snippets and editing is very well done, quite a pro job. Well done. 5 stars.


    As an Alonso fan that was a fantastic video, found it very relaxing too for some reason.

    Hopefully you’ll make one to celebrate his 3rd WDC by the end of the season. ;-)


    Great video, you are clearly very talented at video editing. Maybe you could make a video of Sebastian Vettel’s achievements, perhaps to the music of “The Imperial March” ( Star Wars) Make sure there’s plenty of shots of his legendary ‘finger’ victory celebration
    It would be very popular i’m sure


    Great video! Alonso is one of my favourite drivers so I might be biased, but I really enjoyed it. I guess the obvious suggestion is to do one for other drivers, like Hamilton, Vettel or Raikkonen for example :)

    Benjamin Allison

    Thanks for the comments guys! I’m glad you enjoyed my video!
    I’ll definitely be making more videos throughout the course of this season, with other drivers as well :)
    DaveF1 – There will definitely be a video of Alonso winning his 3rd WC at the end of the season!


    Really good video! Which is a relief. When I see these kinds of topics I always expect that it’s people who just figured out how to make a slideshow video in win moviemaker. Thankfully this was much better. If I may say, I think that, that video is good enough to be something you wouldn’t be surprised to see on BBC, or SKY as part of their F1 coverage.
    Good work.

    Benjamin Allison

    Thanks Mads, I really appreciate it!


    Well done Ben that was quality. Lets hope Fernando can bring his 3rd world drivers championship which is long overdue for Ferrari and more importantly for himself. Alonso is the BEST IN THE WOOOOOOOORLD.

    Big race at Silverstone next weekend he has to outscore Vettel. Are you related to James Allison

    Benjamin Allison

    Tayyib – I agree, both Alonso and Ferrari are due a World Championship.
    No, I’m not related to James Allison :)


    Really good video. I put it up on our AppleTV so the family could watch too :) The music really fits the mood of the vid. Do you mind me asking what editing software you use? Great job.

    Benjamin Allison

    dot_com – Thanks for the comments! I’m glad you enjoyed it! I use a program called Sony Vegas Pro 12.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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