Webber to retire?

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    Tommy C

    So, according to a few sources this morning, Webber has reportedly signed a 5 year deal to drive for Porsche in the World Endurance Championship. I’m sceptical. What do you think?



    I think it is on, because several sources said it. However, I do not think it will be confirmed until after the summer break.


    I personally think that they are making too much out of it; though given the current situation at RBR, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Webber walked out at the end, or even mid-season.


    Five years is a long deal for a bloke who’s 36 years old… particularly one who has regularly said F1 is the pinnacle of motor racing and might want to just catch some waves instead.


    Maybe he wants a new challenge


    Another source:


    I cant see him walking out mid year really (results pending of course) but agree that a 5 year deal for a bloke at almost 37 didnt seem correct. Remember he has “reportedly” signed so giving a bit less weight to the reliability I think.

    I think he will move on but would be surprised if he has made any firm decision already- but time will tell……..



    I agree with most here, IMO this had made news, grown legs and started its own marathon. I can see Webber leaving RBR mid season if his experience continues the way it has been rolling thus far this season, if not end of year. Maybe the 5 yr deals is not all driving! Part driving, part ambassador? He is a prime media target at the moment, so they can say anything and 1000’s would believe it.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Personally, I’ll wait until Webber says one way or the other as to what he is going to do before I believe anything.

    Another source

    That’s hardly “another source” – all it is is someone reposting the original story.


    F1Kate was actually the first to tweet it, followed by Toby Moody and John Hindhaugh. This is going to take on Ralf-to-Toyota levels of bad-secret-keeping before it gets confirmed, I reckon.

    But if there’s one thing the rumors are saying, it’s that it doesn’t start until next year. Webber has already confirmed to stay at RBR for the rest of this year, and Porsche’s LMP1 team doesn’t start racing until next year anyway.


    “Five years is a long deal for a bloke who’s 36 years old.”

    Endurance racing drivers tend to carry on well into their 40’s while still remaining competitive. Allan McNish is 43 and Tom Kristensen is 45 to mention two. I don’t think that, if they have signed him for 5 years, that it is a foolish decision by Porsche. Webber is still quick, he’s into his 12th season at the highest level of motorsport and he’s done Le Mans twice already. He’s a great choice to lead their squad I think. If Webber does sign for Porsche, manages to compete at a good level and enjoys the atmosphere and challenge of WEC, I don’t see why he wouldn’t stay in the series for 5 years.


    Exactly what GeeMac said regarding the contract length and Webber’s age. Also, due to the length of a season of WEC, although he will still have to spend considerable time training, he should have a lot more time off.


    Porsche aren’t doing an LMP program are they? It just occured to me, Webber now has the potential to win the Motorsport Triple Crown.


    A 35+-year old good but not great Formula One driver coming and take the Indy 500?


    @mnmracer Oval racing is a specialised form of motor racing, but don’t forget Takuma Sato should have won the race last year. And he was an average Formula One driver. Stranger things have happened.


    And Dario did win it, and he’s three years older than Webber. its certainly a possibility thats open.

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