What’s happened to Superleague Formula?

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    The championship with the naff idea of pitting (at first) football teams against each other and (last year) ‘countries’ against each, has simply disappeared since cancelling its Chinese rounds in October 2011. In the same month they announced that they were evaluating a new chassis supply from Lola that would be used ‘from 2013’. Since then, nothing. Not a peep.

    The only news you see regarding Superleague these days are about former drivers moving onto F1 seats (Maria De Villodsa money) or different championships (John Martin and Chris van der Drift).

    So has the championship with the naff idea (at first) finally bit off more than it could chew? The website is still up and running and it would be a shame to see a powerful single-seater series like this just disappear, especially considering the only ‘rival’ to F1 is IndyCar. So where is Superleague Formula? Anyone know?


    I believe they finally put it out of it’s misery. It was kind of interesting seeing the old Champ Cars with different engines on the track, but how was that ever going to make any money? Race series just like businesses have to make a profit or at least break even at some point. You can only throw millions away for so long before you hang it up.

    Fer no.65

    I never liked the idea of crossing two totally different sports and trying/forcing to make it interesting. Football teams as racing teams sucked. No idea why, it just wasn’t anything other than rubbish for me.

    They cared more about the teams than about the drivers, when in reality, it’s the other way round in motorsports. So goodbye Superleague! A1 GP was a much better idea, better revive that…


    It seems to be circling the drain. I haven’t had an email from them since October.

    I’ve said enough snarky things about the football concept already, no need to add more on that I think.

    If they’d started out with the nations concept as previously used by A1GP I’d’ve had more time for it. I liked the cars and engines but the race format was naff and confusing.


    Tell you what: If it has disappeared, I won’t be missing it. I mean, it’s always sad to see a racing series disappear but the format they had was just confusing. They would change the regulations from race to race on who could go to the Super Final or whatever they called it. Football and racing just don’t go together. Bernie Ecclestone, and this may be surprising, said to some Portuguese football teams to not join the series. Two of them didn’t follow the advice. They spent millions a year with it and they didn’t win anything.


    In fairness, the final year saw a departure from football clubs and a restyling to a ‘nations cup’. Some cars carried the names of a country and a football team, and there was a confusing situation where two cars represented Netherlands, i seem to remember. So the naff idea was creeping out, a shame it couldn’t have fully embraced the A1GP idea from the start(even if A1GP was still going back then)

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