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    Bradley Downton

    I hope so Keith, it would be great for F1, great for the fans, great for the Population and great for Robert Kubica!


    A Pole on pole perhaps…

    (another Legard pun from Monaco)


    I’m from Lebanon here, been a daily follower for the past 3 or so years, a bit more i think. an I know of at least one other person that access F1F…. so we got you backed Keith…


    Wow, I’m pleased to see Serbia here! I don’t know many fanatics here, so I’m wandering are there more of us here?

    (I don’t think that 0.35% refers to a single person)


    When the Championship Calculator was up on the site I looked at all the tweets generated by clicking the ‘tweet this’ button underneath the app. I wanted to see what people were saying about it, and found that a lot of the tweets (probably the majority in fact) were written in Japanese, which was a surprise. You definitely have an big international reach Keith!


    F1 fans from all over the world. The more diverse, the better.

    Stephen Jones

    vindaloo.. your name is awesome


    I think everybody who is a fun of F1 will end up here – I am from Poland too…

    I am wathing F1 since 1992 season, and I just find amusing some of the comments about the sport in our country. Surfing here and there searching for some reliable source – I had knocted F1Fanatic’s door, entered and I am not going to leave – at least for now.


    Iam from Poland too.

    Great job Keith.

    Iam not writing a lot but visiting your site every day.

    Maybe some day there will race in Poland I looking forword for this.


    Thought it was time to update this, here’s the comparable data from June.

    Major change is a rise in UK users which was already the largest single group. Site traffic has increased since I last looked at this, so I expect a lot of this is growth.

    Traffic from Poland has dropped considerably, which under the circumstances is not a great surprise. German traffic is up, again for obvious reasons:

    United Kingdom 39.8

    United States 11.9

    Australia 5.16

    Canada 3.88

    Netherlands 1.85

    Germany 1.85

    India 1.8

    Spain 1.78

    Poland 1.75

    Brazil 1.67

    Greece 1.33

    Italy 1.29

    France 1.29

    Ireland 1.21

    (not set) 1.1

    Japan 1.07

    Belgium 1.03

    Sweden 0.97

    Malaysia 0.93

    Singapore 0.92

    Romania 0.86

    Hungary 0.84

    South Africa 0.75

    Denmark 0.7

    Russia 0.69

    Portugal 0.67

    New Zealand 0.65

    Croatia 0.64

    Czech Republic 0.52

    Indonesia 0.5

    Bulgaria 0.46

    Mexico 0.46

    Philippines 0.45

    Finland 0.43

    Slovenia 0.41

    Argentina 0.4

    Turkey 0.39

    China 0.37

    Serbia 0.37

    Hong Kong 0.36

    Norway 0.35

    Ukraine 0.35

    Switzerland 0.34

    Slovakia 0.33

    Estonia 0.31

    United Arab Emirates 0.3

    Austria 0.28

    Lithuania 0.26

    Latvia 0.2

    Malta 0.2

    Thailand 0.2

    South Korea 0.19

    Taiwan 0.18

    Bahrain 0.17

    Pakistan 0.16

    Macedonia [FYROM] 0.15

    Bosnia and Herzegovina 0.15

    Cyprus 0.13

    Dominican Republic 0.12

    Venezuela 0.11

    Colombia 0.11

    Egypt 0.1

    Chile 0.1

    Vietnam 0.1

    Jersey 0.09

    Israel 0.09

    Lebanon 0.08

    Saudi Arabia 0.08

    Isle of Man 0.08

    Kenya 0.07

    Peru 0.07

    Sri Lanka 0.06

    Trinidad and Tobago 0.05

    Jamaica 0.05

    Belarus 0.05

    Luxembourg 0.05

    Bangladesh 0.04

    Puerto Rico 0.04

    Montenegro 0.04

    Albania 0.04

    Jordan 0.04

    Nigeria 0.04

    Qatar 0.03

    Uganda 0.03

    Uruguay 0.03

    Moldova 0.03

    Bolivia 0.03

    Guernsey 0.03

    Ecuador 0.03

    Tunisia 0.03

    Costa Rica 0.03

    Morocco 0.03

    Iran 0.03

    Botswana 0.03

    Barbados 0.03

    Macau 0.03

    Angola 0.03

    Brunei 0.02

    Kuwait 0.02

    Paraguay 0.02

    Ned Flanders

    Oh, I’ve always been fond of that great country, the Federal Republic of (Not Set)

    I love how Jersey (population: 92,500) provides as many readers as Iran, Morocco and Uganda (cumulative population: 143,000,000) combined.

    Oscar Becker

    Sweden dropped to 18th place :( Hope that Marcus Ericsson can get some good results in GP2 and then maybe in 2013 we’ll have a Swedish driver in F1 again. Hopefully, That would make F1 a popular sport in Sweden again. We still have more readers than any other nordic country, though. I’m pretty surprised Finland are so far down on the list, they’ve had many sucsessful drivers throughout the years.


    Bangladesh 0.04? I know I am one of them who are the others?


    Very interesting graph Keith, thanks. Seems well balanced and that most of the posters here are not “B” word. I must admit that I was expecting Poland to be lower on the graph considering that Robert is the 1st Polish F1 Driver and is not driving.

    Fer no.65

    Less people enter the site from Argentina than from the Philippines! :O

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