Why does everyone hate Jenson Button?


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    @Freelittlebirds – What was Jenson supposed to do in 2012 to help Hamilton? I’d really like to know. Was it to use his special mechanical talents to build a more reliable car? Because as I recall, it wasn’t Jenson that stopped Hamilton having a chance at the title, it was the fact that McLaren failed to build a reliable car.


    Jenson could have said that since he had a really slim chance at the WDC that he would support Lewis’s bid at the championship. Instead he didn’t waste any time to tell everyone that he’s out for team Button.

    Since McLaren are on an all-championships-be-damned egalitarian crusade, that would have allowed McLaren to assist Lewis and focus almost the majority of the team’s resources on Lewis’ bid to a 2nd WDC. Eventually, JB could have worked out his kinks on his own with just his team and made a comeback especially if he’s such a fantastic driver. But if Whitmarsh and the other managers haveto spend half their time on JB then it’s not fair, is it?

    How about 2010, did McLaren assist Hamilton in his bid to a 2nd WDC?

    Can anyone seriously see Jenson yielding to Lewis in Brazil even if the WDC was on the line?



    But you’re comparing the best performance of 1 driver against the other driver’s worst performance

    Just as you were with 2012.

    Just try to change the two drivers name in your sentences, would you feel the same way if it was Button who was superb, and Hamilton who could have “helped”? Be honest, I dont think so.


    That’s a good question – should Hamilton have helped Jenson if the tables were reversed? Honestly, I can’t answer that. Although Jenson’s a top driver and he wouldn’t be a WDC or driving for McLaren if he were not a top driver, he’s not quite in the same league as Hamilton.

    To use soccer analogies, I would put Jenson in the same league as David Villa, Rooney, maybe even Ibrahimovic. If you’ve seen these players, they can be incredible at moments, matches, and seasons.

    IMO, Hamilton is in the league of Messi, Ronaldo, Zidane. All the great drivers have echoed that in many ways and his racing ability is just stupefying to watch. I could never see Hamilton being behind Jenson unless all hell had broken loose as it pretty much did in 2011. If Mercedes and that means Lauda and Brawn did NOT believe that Hamilton is in that league and better than Shumi 2012, they would have simply not brought him in and McLaren would not have been sad to lose him.



    Kingshark are you honestly suggesting the 2012 Lotus was superior to the 2012 RB?

    Not throughout the whole season, but in Bahrain they were, as when you consider this result:

    1. Vettel
    Started from pole and won, but only barely.

    2. Raikkonen
    Starting eleventh, closing to Vettel at a rate of seven tenths per lap at one point. By lap 38 he had an opportunity to pass. Ultimately finished 3 seconds behind.

    3. Grosjean
    Rookie driver, started seventh, matched Vettel in pace once in clean air. Finished 10 seconds behind.

    4. Webber
    Over half a minute (32 seconds IIRC) behind Vettel, nowhere near the top three in pace. Easily passed by both Lotus drivers.

    I think that it is safe to say that Lotus had the best/fastest car in Bahrain.


    In a popularity contest I’d say JB and Ham both have things to dislike about them. JB’s onboard radio whinges, Hamiltons 1000th instagram pic of him in a flash car or private jet with some slight effects on the photo so his diamond earring sparkles! Blah.
    I find JB absolutely hilarious in interviews and such though.
    I dislike JB’s driving style and love Ham’s. In an ideal world we would meld them together to create Lewis Button. Or Jenson Hamilton.

    Alex green

    i prefer button to most apart from kimi
    For those that are not from the uk hamilton is the golden chlld and can do no wrong,take the recent testing in jerez rosberg manages over 100 laps in the merc lewis crashes out but according to the press it was all the cars fault,just an example


    Who can hate Jenson???!!!
    I have been lucky enough to meet him twice and a really top bloke. People I know who also met him in Aus in 2012 said he was awesome!! Drivers have their on and off days but what I have seen he is a pretty cool bloke.

    Again the ‘ whinging’ on the radio is not meant for us- let him go on about the tyres :)
    For the Jenson V Lewis debate, didn’t just pip him in the end for most points?? (or other way??)


    With all due respect, how the hell did this thread get to four pages? It’s just irrelevant!


    @andae23, I could answer that for you, but then there is the risk of reaching five pages ;-)


    At least you were thoughtful enough to keep the reply to one line unlike that Michael/FreeLittleBirds dude.

    Gratuituous extra line – sorry, I could not resist:-)


    Well, in a nutshell, he just comes across as spoiled brat, egocentrical and fake… When the camera is not on him, i bet he´s an odious mofo…


    @Freelittlebirds – Why is it that when Hamilton has a bad year, it has to be Jenson’s best year, but when it’s the other way around, it’s just Hamilton being Hamilton, but Jenson being terrible? Your logic is clearly biased based on the fact that you undeniably think that Hamilton is the better driver. Obviously, the same could be said for me as well, but then again, I’m not saying Jenson is better, I’m saying that he should be classed in the same league as the top drivers, and I feel that he will prove that this year.



    I make no pretenses – I absolutely believe that Hamilton is the better driver compared to Button and I do believe Button is a top driver. Button wouldn’t be a WDC or driving for McLaren if that were not the case. The difference between them is as clear to me as the difference between Messi and Villa.

    As for the better and worst years, Button is the luckiest driver on the planet that after being crushed in qualifying in the 3 years, circumstances brought him to equal points with Hamilton. It’s so devastating to Hamilton – it’d be like Messi hitting the post for an entire season but F1 has very few events and they are not under the driver’s control so crazy things can happen. That’s what makes the sport exciting for us.

    We’ll have to wait and see this year. IMO it would NOT be good for F1 if JB wins 2 WDCs.


    @catracho504 – Well, those are some interesting claims you have there.

    I’m a Button supporter. I admire his driving style and strategic thinking, and find his personality likable. Even so, I recognize his shortcomings. He has a very narrow window of peak performance, outside of which he tends to struggle. He’s not as adaptable when given a mediocre car as, for example, Hamilton. His feedback to the engineers about how the car doesn’t suit his preferences could be interpreted (slightly out of context) as complaining. I think @freelittlebirds got it right with his soccer analogy – on his best days, Button is a brilliant driver, but the rest of the time, not exactly as much. Just my two cents.

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