Will Raikkonen win another title?

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    sbl on tour

    in a word, no

    Duncan Smith

    No, because he doesn’t want it enough. I just get the feeling he can’t be bothered. A lot of people thought his candid chat back to the pit wall in Abu Dhabi was funny, I just thought it showed his true character as being a bit of an arrogant dick.

    There are hungrier drivers out there, though I’m sure Kimi is the thirstiest ;)


    Is anybody re-thinking their comments yet?

    Antonio Nartea

    Is anybody re-thinking their comments yet?



    I still think NO.

    i don’t think Lotus have the money to compete with Ferrari and Red bull in a development race.

    But Raikkonen as a driver, he absolutely deserve another championship.


    Statistically, it just became a bit more likely I think

    I’m still skeptical though but not because of Kimi but because of Lotus’ weaknesses in development race

    Aish Heydrich

    you guys are blind koalas. He’s gonna win the WDC.


    I don’t see the whole ‘development issues’ that many people seem to think plague Lotus. This is the same team that many people commended in 2010 for having one of the best development program during the year.

    Lotus look to have built a good car this year. It may not be the best, but it is clearly a good race car, and Raikkonen is a very good driver. The fact that they’ve done this on an inferior budget is quite impressive, and with more races like the one today, they’ll pick up more sponsors, more money and could well be in it as much as anyone this year.


    @aish and you are basing this on? A single race? Button was just as dominant in the Australian GP last year. Look what good THAT did him.

    Can he win another? As a driver, I think he has the skill to win another WDC. Will he? That’s another question entirely.

    Aish Heydrich

    @raymondu999: Yeah you’re right about that obviously. He’s just my favourite driver and I was rooting for him. :)
    Generally the guy who wins the Australian GP doesn’t go on to win the WDC anyway. Lets see what happens.


    Don’t think Lotus have the budget to put a championship together unfortunately.


    I think he can challenge – he was 3rd last year and he’s proven that he can score consistently in every race. As long as the Lotus is as reliable as it was last year and is a better car overall according to Kimi, he and Lotus stand a very good chance. So, why not?


    I think Kimi definitely has the speed and consistency to win the championship, but there are a lot of tough rivals to beat. Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren all have larger budgets and strong driver lineups; beating them over the course of a year isn’t going to be easy.


    Its the 1st race still a long way to go. He has the abillity, no doubt about it. Too early to write off Lotus Eric Boullier has done really well considering the mess he inherited and guys like Alan Permaine have won championships before. Not the favourites but dont rule Kimi or Lotus out.

Viewing 14 posts - 31 through 44 (of 44 total)
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