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    @Prisoner Monkeys – I find i usually agree or totally disagree with your comments- and thats fine!
    Melbourne the worst corners?? You must have slept through Abu Dhabi!!! What a joke!! The best drivers in the world should not be forced to waste their talent on this place – what a crap hole.

    The “visual efects” of the place (bloody beautiful) seem to elude people this IS NOT AN F1 TRACK!!!!

    Now we have Spa, the best track along with Suzuka, maybe going bi-annual!!?? NO! Spa, Monza & Suzuka are my F1 highlights. If we lose Monza for, say Thailand, so Bernie makes another $50 mill count me out!! Teams say how much he (BE) means to F1 but i want him out and see F1 on its OWN agenda! Thoughts??


    I think circuits like Abu Dhabi, India and China all have the same problem, which is the concept of the tracks is different from circuit like Spa, Monza and Silverstone. The old circuits are all ‘designed’ to give drivers a tough challenge and provide spectators opportunity to watch the race. The new circuits are designed to be eye candy, to show how gorgeous the country is and give the drivers the best opportunity to overtake each other by connecting a long straight to a slow, tight corner.

    So the new circuits are not built to give the drivers a ‘thrill’ and give the spectators cheap seats to enjoy racing. This gives the issue of the country not falling in love with motor racing, so there will not be a motorsport culture like we have established that in Europe, the US, South America, Japan and Oceania.

    If only a circuit like Belgium could be built in Abu Dhabi, so that lots of people can enjoy it for a very small price and without much ado. A motorsports culture should grow organically, not build a circuit and say “alright folks, now you all adore motor racing!” And I really don’t understand why the organizers of the Indian, Chinese and Abu Dhabi GPs don’t see this.

    EDIT: I just noticed I wrote the classic tracks by their names, and the new tracks by country or place – that’s quite telling actually.


    Worst corners are those silly chicanes in Jerez and Argentina that they called the Senna S, The great man doesn’t deserve to have those silly chicanes named after him


    Although F1 has some bad corners, the last corner at the Baltimore Indycar circuit really takes some beating for being horrible: http://youtu.be/VCgtFcqWlyg?t=39s

    And what happens when it goes wrong: http://youtu.be/T8W8J1IiMik?t=1m15s

    Yes, I know they need to slow cars down for the tramlines, but there must be a more elegant way of doing it!


    @andae23 Good points, to which I would like to add something that crossed my mind reading it.

    Old circuits often used the roads available to them or at least the land available to them. Eau Rouge simply follows a road exiting the village Spa, many corners on Zandvoort simply follow the dunes, etc. Tracks used to be designed to be simple and evolved afterwards, following the cars’ development.

    I think Tilke and co. don’t have much to work with in countries like Abu Dhabi or Bahrain. That, and their philosophy differs. Look at the trouble Spa had with its pitlane, much like Zandvoort can’t get a longer pit building without scrapping a corner.

    Honestly, I hope we manage to find someone like Hans Hugenholz (designer of Zandvoort and Suzuka) in the future for track design and Tilke for facility design. That would be ideal.


    I share the same opinion. Tilkedromes just don’t follow the natural flow of the environment. But it’s fairly impossible to follow the flow if there is none (such as Bahrain).

    Hans Hugenholtz is not the only track designer that followed this principle. What about circuits like Mosport or Cadwell Park? And who designed the Nordschleife? ;)

    Prisoner Monkeys

    @npf1 – Don’t forget that while Hugenholtz built Suzuka, he also designed Jarama. And Jarama is a nasty little circuit infamous for being so difficult to overtake on that Gilles Villeneuve once won a race there with a Ferrari so underpowered that it was embarrassing.


    @prisoner-monkeys Jarama is a good circuit.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Maybe for touring car racing. It’s full of short straights, slow corners, and the circuit itself is ultra-narrow. Driving a Formula 1 car around it would be rather a lot like driving through the city at peak hour – almost as soon as you accelerate out if one corner, you have to brake for the next.

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