Your disappointments of the Season

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    rem, bill france and nascar, he wouldnt have stood for this type of racin

    Yes, that’s why 2006 NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson failed to defend his title in 2007. Or 2008, 2009 or 2010!

    Fer no.65

    Biggest disappointments of the season?

    By far, Webber and Ferrari, with Mercedes close behind.


    – The title walkover. No-one seems able to string together enough great weekends to beat Vettel and Red Bull. Hopefully someone will take the fight to them next year.
    – Hamilton for making stupid mistakes.
    – Massa, Heidfeild, Petrov, Senna, Barrichello, Trulli, Webber, and Kathikeyan for being a bit rubbish.
    – Sauber for slipping back
    – Mercedes, Virgin and HRT for going nowhere
    – Williams for being crap.

    An honourable mention to DRS. It was hailed as technology solving the problems technnology caused, but the fact remains that there is a problem. People want to see racing, which isn’t necessarily overtaking. I think it’s like taking the goalkeeper away in a football match – there will be loads of goals, but will the match be better? Really?

    Oh, and they TV deal, but I’ve accepted that now and I’ll stump up for Sky. It’s left a bitter taste for British fans this season, though.


    Kubica – I just wonder how Renault will be doing had he still been here.

    Craig Woollard

    Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli’s deaths :(


    It’s sad, because he’s a really likeable guy, but Mark Webber has been the biggest disappointment of season for me. It’s hard to tell if it’s a case of Seb being on another planet or Mark just being well off the pace, but I suspect it’s the latter. It’s a shame because the rare moments that the Red Bull drivers have been close on track (Silverstone for instance) have been entertaining, but even Mark close enough to put Seb under some pressure would have been good.

    I can’t believe people are saying that Hamilton and Massa have been a disappointment, there would have been several races that would have been totally dire without those two!

    I have to say though, the second half of the season has been massively disappointing. I can’t really recall any races from Spa onwards that really jumped out at me as particularly exciting. They’ve been predictable, reasonably processional and just a bit soulless.
    DRS has been a big part of this for sure IMHO. Risk taking on track just isn’t rewarded anymore. Barely any one (apart from a certain Brit and the rarely seen lower-midfield drivers) seem to be interested in attempting an overtaking move.

    This year, success depends, bizarrely, on not going too fast and while it may require just as much skill as hell-for-leather, peddle-to-the-floor racing, it’s pretty dire for the spectators. F1 has unfortunately conformed to stereotype this year – “it’s just a bunch of cars going round and round”. We all know there is more to motorsport than this, but the formula this year hasn’t brought out the best of F1. Wasn’t everyone complaining about too many pitstops before the refueling ban?

    I’m really hoping the reasonably stable rules for next season will close the pack up a bit. Hope the ban on blown diffusers will take away a bit of downforce and make the cars a bit more challenging to drive.


    Pirelli – They started off brilliantly, and as the summer came and went, the races have turned into a predictable 1/2 stop precession, with the tyre stops taking the place of a refuel. We need to have tyres that are blisteringly fast but literally fall apart after the end of 10 laps, and rock hard sloggers that endure the race. And there needs to be no limit on how, why, or when you use them.

    Lotus – They promised points this season, their car looked like the real deal, and i’ve been egging them on all the way, but they just haven’t delivered. It doesn’t help that Trulli just isn’t interested any more.

    Renault – For the same reasons above but bigger. They started with a big bang. Two podium finishes, and it just went backwards from there. And it’s quickly becoming obvious that Petrov should have been the driver replaced.

    Sauber – Once again stuck in reverse with their entirely incomprehensible tyre strategies. Kamui has gone off the boil too. Hopefully they can get back on track next year. And with their car a coat of paint… The palette-swapped BMW livery is dull.

    Racecraft – Naming no names, but there’s been some very questionable incidents this year. Some drivers seem to have forgotten how to drive their race cars. Most of these tracks are very wide, and no matteer which bit of them you are on, there’s always certainly the physical space to allow for two cars to travel side by side without hitting each other. Remember that.

    Indian Grand Prix – It was dull, wasn’t it.


    Williams. The third most sucessful team of all time have turned into also rans. They look like they will be a thing of the past before this decade is out, which would be a sin.
    Lewis Hamilton’s form. He started well and then lost the plot.
    Mercedes not mounting a proper challenge this season…and they don’t seem to be showing any signs that they can mount a challenge next year either.
    Every team on the grid bar Red Bull. For letting Red Bull dominate the way they have.
    Webber, for not putting up a fight against Vettel.
    Team Lotus, for not getting closer to the midfield (they have done well to get away from Virgin and HRT though).
    Red Bull’s team radio. They have a script and they stick to it, so much for being F1’s party team.

    Fer no.65


    Maybe it’s a case of the teams getting used to the tyre rather than Pirelli.


    Just a couple for the moment…

    The R31’s front-blowing exhaust not really living up to the hype. No podiums beyond Malaysia.

    The W02 just not being there yet. I could forgive them last year, but for a constructor who took over an existing team, a podium should be the very least of their achievements this year.


    Webber, Heidfied, Massa

    Williams, Team Lotus, Mercedes

    NO 2 SKY


    Pirelli and Renault for getting my hopes up early in the season and then just standing me up. I thought we had a three-way date until the Brazilian GP!
    And Pirelli promising they’d make the last few races extra hard. Yah right, those Softs and Supersofts are holding on perfectly. No major pitstop action, no major cliff-reaching moments. Won’t even start on Renault. Or Lotus-Renault. Or whatever they wish to call themselves these days.

    Kobayashi. Am I truly the only one to mention him? As the season progresses, he keeps falling back and back further away while PĂ©rez is truly impressing.

    Alianora La Canta

    Biggest disappointment for me is the general direction of self-destruction F1 has taken. It’s flavoured practically every significant decision of the last 12 months.

    If you want me to be more specific, I’d say DRS. Initially looked like it would be a good addition to the tools for enabling quality overtaking, but it’s ended up causing a new type of procession, removing most of the point of qualifying and foreshortened overtaking to the stage where most races would benefit from being half the length (as opposed to 2010 where they could comfortably have been 25%-50% longer and still been exciting).

    It’s got so bad that I’d be having to reconsider my commitment to F1 next year even if Sky had left well alone.


    Renault and the stewards for me. Hamilton also deserves a mention.


    Mercedes – For not delivering despite having 2 very good drivers.. 1 champion and other paper lion.. (as of now)
    Lewis.. trying to destroy all the front wings that Mclaren is producing..
    FI.. very slow development of car & whatever they do is not covered by Keith (I am sorry, Keith)..


    at last.. absolute dominance of Red Bull & Vettel..

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