Your disappointments of the Season

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    Your disappointments of the Season

    Massa. Sorry, he’s driven well sometimes, but it’s the lack of results which is disappointing. A podium at least should’ve been on the cards.


    Qualifying 3, and of course the Sky announcement! i for one as much as i love this sport will not be subscribing!!! Maybe i’ll try cancelling my current contract with them and see if they give me the sport for free?


    Webber, Massa, Rosberg and Hamilton

    Webber and Massa are obvious, as they’re not performing as well as their teammates, however I believed that both these drivers were 2nd to their respective team mates in any case.

    The biggest upset this year in my opinion is Hamilton and Rosberg, both were comfortably ahead of their team mates last year and lets face it, if Hamilton was any of the Mister Men, he’d be Mr Angry, some of his driving has been very aggressive and lacking strategy.

    On the other side of the Mercedes garage, I think Nico has had a dissapointing year, obviously the car isn’t great, but he has always been one step ahead of Schumi, but I get the feeling that the tide is turning somewhat towards Schumacher. The result in Spa has done wonders for Schumi’s confidence.

    Everyone except red bull and mclaren.

    Ferrari have had problems from Day 1, Mercedes are just in the middle not going forward, nor back. Renault (the black one) have gone backwards without Kubica’s development work in the background, Williams with their political spat that should never be visible to the public, but quite clearly some discord within the team spilling out into the media.

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)
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