Going to the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps


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    Damian Scully

    We are staying at Camping Eau Rouge and I was wondering how far/difficult it is to walk into Stavelot, and what the atmosphere is like in the evenings there during race week?

    Thinking we might head down for some beers/food one or two of the evenings.

    Having not been to watch an F1 race live before, can anyone tell me what the entertainment is like at the track after qualy/race?



    I stayed at the camping near Les Combs in 2009 and on the Saturday we went in the car down to Stavelot. Nice little town, fairly quiet with a few nice restaurants. I was actually surprised that there wasn’t more happening. I suspect a lot of well-at-heel fans stay there. Wasn’t a long drive (although that is from the other side of the circuit).


    hi damian scully we will be at same campsite for third year there is a bar onsite and various nationalities playing music be prepared for some euro pop

    Normally as you walk towards circuit they advertise what is on at stavelot and there is normally a bus picking you up from just by campsite up on the main road.

    free transport to circuit they dont like you walking unless its home on the sunday after the race, any silver mini buses you need to look out for with an official f1 sticker on

    let me know if you need any more info, when do you arrive?



    I done a track day at Spa two years ago with my cousin and mates,

    From memory the roads are like our ‘A’ Roads so walking may be a bit risky as Ive googled it and its 10km from the track to Stavelot so be careful!

    Spa itself is a nice little town with some good resteraunts/bars and a casino!

    We will be there this year also flying the Lewis flags!!

    Damian Scully


    Thanks for the reply. We don’t arrive until Mid morning Friday – all got work/family commitments. Bar and entertainment on site sounds good, and it will be a big relief to members of the group that there are minibuses to the circuit and into Stavelot.

    So as we have GA tickets, what is best place to watch from? I was thinking to head over towards Eau Rouge on Saturday, then try and get a spot at bus stop for the race??

    Damian Scully

    Hi Toni

    The campsite have emailed to say there is no transport?? Look out for a heavily laden FRV with 6 blokes in!


    Mark O’Donnell

    Pouhon is decent for General Admission.

    We sat at the Bus Stop chicane but the trees prevented you from seeing anything that wasn’t directly in front of you. There is a cheeky little area in front of the chateau at the top of Eau Rouge for GA as well, but you’ll have to be in early to get that spot.

    Francorchamps is good after practice / quali – but we were quite a way away – we camped at The Elephant.

    Stavelot is miles away!

    Damian Scully

    Stavelot looks close to l’eau Rouge Campsite?


    @damian scully

    Stavelot is not miles away last year we had people next to us who walked in and back again, a car is better but it can be done or use a taxi or one of the mini buses if your going to there event.

    The minibuses are run by the circuit so as you walk out of campsite entrance turn left go over stream and up small hill at the top your on the amin road left for Stavelot and right for the circuit its here your find the free mini buses to the circuit and to stavelot for events in the evening, check the boards they put up for whats on.

    If you see a green tent with black focus and black kia sportage outside thats us we arrive wednesday

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