Going to the Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang

Going to the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang International Circuit

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    Discussion area for people going to the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix.

    Steve Marvin

    Does anyone know when the tickets for Malaysia 2013 go on sale?

    Also, is it best to buy tickets as early as possible to get the best prices, or do they run special promotions that it might be worth waiting for?



    usually 50% early bid price will be announce around Nov and that is the only good promotion during the GP.

    I’m from Malaysia and I will try to help u.


    Hi all,

    First post here, and first time I’m considering going to a GP.

    Been to KL a couple of times before (the first time when the circuit had just started been built, there was a 3D map in the airport) and am syncing it with a trip to stay with a friend in Hong Kong (who will probably come over for the race too)

    I’m thinking of staying in the centre again rather than near the track, be a lot easier and there are some great restaurants around Chinatown . Grandstand choice is the main issue I guess. Is it just worth looking on their website every couple of days starting November?

    (and on the off chance that somebody will know what I’m talking about, it’s very hard to get into the Long Bar and see the HHH stuff at the Royal Selangor Club – I’ve tried. :-) )


    Steve Marvin

    Many thanks Iman, I’ll check the circuit website in November. It’s good to have local knowledge available!
    We’re heading to Malaysia for the first time in March for our honeymoon and taking in the GP while we’re in KL (luckily my wife to be loves F1 too!)
    I can’t wait!

    Lito L

    Good day to all,

    We are planning to watch the Malaysian Grand Prix this March 2013 with our 12 year old son. The problem is he will have his graduation commencement ceremony on the 23rd of march.
    We will therefore arrive on the 24th at 2:50 PM at KLIA.

    Q1: May I ask what time the race starts?

    Q2: If it starts at 4 PM, can we still make it? (we will buy tickets ahead of time).
    Q2A: Can we still go in the grandstand (we are planning K1 seats) even if the race has started?

    Q3: What is the fastest way to get to the circuit from KLIA?

    Thank you.


    @probin Hi Lito!

    Q1: The race will start at 4 PM.
    Q2: I’ve gotta say, it will be VERY tight. If you arrive at KLIA at 2:50, you probably won’t get out of the airport until 3:20 (due to immigration). Assuming there will be a shuttle bus leaving at 3:20 exactly, you should be at Sepang by 3:40. From there, it’s a 10-minute walk (or a 5-minute run if you’re cutting it very close) to the K1 grandstand. Just keep your fingers crossed that your flight will leave (and arrive) on time! But if you are late, don’t worry – they will let you in even if the race has started.
    Q3: There should be a shuttle straight to Sepang from KLIA – you can refer to this link for more information (link is from 2010 though – 2013 packages will be available by January): http://www.kliaekspres.com/erlsb/Corporate/News/KLIATransitF1TransferPackage/tabid/230/Default.aspx

    Lito L

    Thank you very much for your response.
    That made me buy the tickets for the race this March. I think it is better to do this with our kids while F1 is still in Malaysia and while we can still keep up with them.

    Can we take a taxi from KLIA to the circuit?

    Also, we get a prepaid sim card at the airport with 3g or a data connection? We will be split into two groups as the others will not go the GP.

    Thanks again


    @probin Yes, you should be able to book a cab. Not sure how much it will cost, though.

    Prepaid SIMs should easily be available at the airport, but I’m not sure if they come with 3G (or how much it would cost).

    Make sure to have rain jackets in your hand-carry, too – you never know if it’ll rain there…


    I don’t think a taxi would be that much, it’s not that far from the airport.

    Umobile do a decent SIM/3G package I believe, but I didn’t have a suitable phone when I was there last time but this is from what people told me.

    Immigration is fairly OK at KLIA – but I’d recommend just taking a carry-on to avoid having to hang around baggage reclaim, that way you can leg it straight out to the taxi rank!


    From the Sepang Circuit Facebook page:

    “F1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix 2013 will be happening on 22-24 March 2013. Early bird tickets as low as RM30 will be start selling this week.”

    So if you are planning to go, best to start checking their website everyday starting today.


    Tickets are on sale now.


    Hi Every One :)
    First time in going to watch a F1 race !!!
    So in the planning process of considering for it to be the Malaysian F1 2013. On deciding the seat reservation;
    What is the best area of seats in the K1 Grand Stand which will give a better view of cars and for some photography ? as in Is it Block A,B or C and is it upper seats or lower seats ?


    I didn’t sleep in it, but I’ve been in a room at the Tunes hotel in Kuching, Borneo. Was ridiculously cramped.

    When I’ve been to KL I’ve stayed in the centre, whilst I don’t know if they will ramp prices up for when the circuis is in town they are reasonably priced, look round the Bukit Bintang (I think…) area. Some nice restaurants there too.


    @anuk Go for Block A in the K1 grandstand and get higher seats if possible. You’ll see the pit lane and main straight head on along with turns 1, 2 and a bit of 4 in the distance. Always good for a bit of DRS action.

    @garns Tune hotel is a budget chain under the Tune Group run by Tony Fernandes, which also happens to include the Caterham F1 team. So if you’re a fan, stay there and you might just contribute 0.00000000000000001% to next season’s budget!

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