Going to the Singapore Grand Prix at Marina Bay

Going to the 2012 Singapore Grand Prix at Singapore

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    Discussion area for people going to the 2012 Singapore Grand Prix.


    Hi i will be going to the singapore gp this year if anyone else is going and wants to meet for a beer give us a shout cant wait


    hi guys i’m looking at getting tickets for the singapore gp this year and was just wondering if you had any tips of best places to sit/view. the combination packages look interesting been able to sit in 3 different stands, one for each day. also the walkabout package?
    thanks guys any hints,tips and help would be awesome


    We’re sitting in the Turn 1/2 grandstand in block A6. It should get a view looking up the grid about half way and then front-on as the cars come around turn 1 and into the turn 2 and leading into turn 3. We sat at grid position 9 last year and while it was great to get close to the cars and drivers at the start and finish it wasn’t the best during the race (though you are really close to the big TVs). Pit grandstand doesn’t get much of a breeze either so it can get pretty damned hot.


    If thats Turn 2 Grand Stand A6 then there is no real view of the grid or the final stretch as the Pit Building is in the way. T2A2 is the block that looks right down the main straight.


    I would say turn 2 would be my bet if I was going. If you are getting a GA ticket, there may still actually be some stands at the last chicane before the last corner. I went there during the first race in SG and this was not on the map. Excellent view with the cars comming head on but need to slow down for the chicane. Worth to check out. Would not take Marina Bay Grandstand which has the most seats but the view is actually limited as the road is narrow and the cars will be going very quick. If you do book here – get there early and reseve your place at the top corner.. you need to stand, but if offers excellent views.


    You’re absolutely right @mankster. From where I’ve booked I’ll only be able to see them coming down the straight from about the “Singapore” sign that goes over the grid. That said, we’re higher up on A6 and so get a better view than down low and you potentially get a bit of a view of Turn 3 as well as the final exit from the pits. Also, up in the higher seats you don’t have to look through the damn fence. If you move through to A4/3/2 you get a better view up the straight. We sat on the grid last year and this year wanted to see some cornering as front-on as possible, so horses for courses. I might take a walk down to the final corner where it’s GA towards the end of the race to get some high-speed corner views and get onto the track after the race.

    . Yep, Marina is pretty crook but it does usually get a nice breeze.


    Those bleachers on the final turn will be packed during the race. First practice is the best time to go. Also a good spot for pictures and it will be daylight as well.

    Joao Pitol

    Anyone going to the Singapore GP 2012 want a travel companion from the UK?


    Hi, everyone, just reading up on where to sit/not to sit as the case maybe. was looking at getting Bay seats for the weekend…are they really bad? I’m trying to do this on a shoe string but i don’t want to be in my 30’s before i have paid this all off!! lol Any advice would be amazing thanks. :)


    Hi All

    I’ve booked my trip to this fabulous place, and hoping for a great time. I’ve booked a combination package as I’m only going to go there once for the GP, and I was willing to sacrifice a better seat on race day to 1) save a few pounds, and 2) to see the circuit from different views.

    I’m happy to meet up with any for a beer (be rude not to), or be a travel companion.

    I’m flying on 19th Sept on Singapore Airlines @ 8pm arriving the next day, and leaving on 24th Sept at 9am.


    All set for Singapore GP this year.

    Will arrived on the 18th night untill 24th early morning, I have Premier Walkabout ticket and try to wonder around zone 1 on Friday to get a chance meeting some drivers and team personnel.

    Not really into the music concert as last year.

    Very free to meet up as I travel alone.


    Hi all,

    Finally booked my flights and hotel for Singapore (so excited right about now!) I too am travelling on my own so it would nice to meet up with other people :) Im flying in from Manchester (via Dubai) So if anyone is around and they wanna catch up at the airport…just give me a shout :)


    I went to Singapore for the 2010 race and just had to save up to go again this year. Its a great city and a great atmosphere at the circuit. Very easy to travel about Singapore and to reach the circuit on the MRT. I arrive on the 18th and leave on the 25th. If anyone want to meet up for a drink then drop me a line.


    Where did people buy their tickets from, and has anyone got theirs yet??

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