Brian Branhardt dropped from race control role

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    Keith Collantine

    Brian Barnhardt will not run race control in IndyCar next year according to Speed:

    Some of the driver penalties have been a bit inconsistent but I’m not sure IndyCar is doing much worse on that side than F1 has. But after the New Hampshire debacle I think this is the correct decision.


    As Barhardt was such a prominent figure in Race Control it does make sense for him to get out of when one takes in consideration that there have been quite a few strange desicions been made this year.


    Yes I think this is a good decision, if only to separate powers and make someone directly accountable for failings in one area. But also for New Hampshire. I think the penalties were mostly fine, the ones I remember anyway.


    what happened at new hampshire? have you got a youtube link?


    It began to rain and instead of calling the race off like most people wanted to do, he decided to let it go ahead. And, well, you see what happened…..

    He became Indycar’s most hated man instantly lol, pretty sad actually.

    |EDIT| Sorry, it happens at 30:40

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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