Lotus 79 (1978) pictures

The Lotus 79 mastered the use of ground effect aerodynamics, channelling air under the car by sealing the side using skirts, to dominate the 1978 world championship.

Lotus won the constructors’ title and Mario Andretti was the drivers’ champion – though his day of victory in Italy was overshadowed by the death of team mate Ronnie Peterson in a startline crash.

When its successor proved unsuccessful in 1979, the 79 was pressed back into service, but as the teams’ rivals had advanced its winning days were already behind it. As it turned out, Lotus’s championship-winning days were also over.

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  1. Belive it or not I made all the exhaust manifolds for the Lotus 79 and Lotus 80 working from a rented double garage in Twickenham, all I had was a bench, vise and a bucket of silver sand. The only way to make them then was to fill pipes with sand and bend them with heat, they took about 45 hours each to make, I was 1 of only 3 people then capable of making them, I called my company Specialised Exhaust Systems

    1. In my opinion the JPS lotus was the nicest looking car EVER. Perhaps it is the colours, but I always admired these beautiful looking cars.

    2. John Webley-Jones
      26th February 2023, 22:37

      I well remember you making the exhaust manifold for my spaceframe Anglia with a BDG. A privilege to watch your craftsmanship sir!

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