Mercedes W03 (2012) pictures

Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Monaco, 2012

A key feature of the Mercedes W03 was its Double DRS. This took advantage of the rules allowing moveable rear wings and extended it to direct airflow towards the front wing to stall it and give a further speed boost.

Early in the season this looked like an innovation many of their rivals would have to adopt, particularly when the team won in China – the first victory for Mercedes since their return as a full works team.

Michael Schumacher would have started the Monaco Grand Prix from pole position but for a penalty incurred at the previous race.

But as the season went on it became clear that greater gains were to be found in other areas. The team made a belated effort to follow the trend for using the Coanda effect to direct exhaust gasses into the diffuser and never really cracked the technique. Having been in contention for victories earlier in the year they endured a five-race streak without scoring towards the end of the season.

Image © Mercedes/Hoch Zwei, Jamey Price/F1 Fanatic

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